'America's Got Talent' recap, More semi-finals results

'America's Got Talent' recap, More semi-finals results
Haunted By Heroes jams with some old dude named Dee Snider on "America's Got Talent." (NBC)

When they're in a bind and can't make a decision, the "America's Got Talent" judges lean pretty heavy on this whole question of whether not an act is "a Vegas act." That doesn't really mean anything other than "moderately professional" it seems, but the semi-finals have found the sleeker acts all moving through.

All the oddballs have been left behind, as they should be, really. That just also means that "AGT" is playing out pretty much how you'd expect it to play out. And once again, this week's results show introduced four groups of three, with one being picked from each, and then the judges have eliminate one of those four, which moves three to the finals.

The first group was Shanice & Maurice Hayes, All That!, and the Lightwire Theater. The clear choice was Lightwire Theater, who made it through. There was a very entertaining moment though, when Sharon forgot Maurice Hayes' first name, particularly funny because the whole issue on Tuesday was how aggressively he put himself in the spotlight.

Next up were Jacob Williams, David Garibaldi and his CMYK's, and Sebastien "El Charro De Oro." Once again, the choice was easy, as both Williams and Sebastien -- interesting rarifed acts -- didn't bring their best. Garibaldi was picked.

Oh, and it wouldn't be a results show without time-filling performances. This week it was magician Nathan Burke, voted on by the fans from a choice of past acts to reappear. The weirdest part of his performance was when he put himself inside of an oversized microwave.

He said it was "the microwave of death," then added said "death" one more time, providing his announcement with some half-hearted fake echo. So, he climbed inside a giant microwave and when it opened up, out came .. a crazy-muscular dancing African-American gentlemen? I don't know, man.

The second time-killing performance was from all-kids hard-ish rock band Haunted By Heroes. They did an adroit cover of Twisted Sister's "We're Not Gonna Take It," and then about a minute in, Dee Snider of Twisted Sister appeared and performed the song. I guess that's exciting?

Back to the competition with Clint Carvahlo & His Extreme Parrots, Olate Dogs, and All Wheel Sports. No question who was going through: Olate Dogs. The final group was Tim Hockenberry, The Untouchables, and the Magic of Puck. The Untouchables got voted through, and then Train performed their hit "Drive By."

Howard praised the group and said, "These guys stick to their craft, [and] never compromise," even though "Drive By" is a fairly contrived mix of country-rock and electronic dance, and most certainly a compromise to the current Billboard chart demands.

And so, the four left were Lightwire Theater, David Garibaldi and his CMYK's, Olate Dogs, and the Untouchables. Olate Dogs and the Untouchables went through right away, leaving it up to the judges to pick either Lightwire or Garibaldi.

Sharon went with Lightwire and Howie picked Garibaldi, leaving it up to Howard to decide. He praised the consistency of Lightwire, and noted Garibaldi's misstep last week, comparing the rather lumpy Statue of Liberty painting he did to "Bazooka Joe" -- a reference surely missed by the same youngsters watching the show, wondering why this Dee Snider dude was on their TV.

Howard went with Garibaldi anyway, which means the Untouchables, Olate Dogs, and David Garibaldi and his CMYK's move onto the finals, along with, last week's winners, William Close, Joe Castillo, and Tom Cotter.