'America's Got Talent' recap: Mary Joyner sings for tears

L-R: Judges Howard Stern, Sharon Osbourne, Howie Mandel.
L-R: Judges Howard Stern, Sharon Osbourne, Howie Mandel. (Virgina Sherwood/NBC)

A woman and her pig kick off the last round of auditions on 'America's Got Talent' before the finalists perform in Las Vegas.

The judges have high hopes for Thia Wilcox and her tutu-wearing hog Smooch, but the duo disappoints. Smooch can hardly knock over a bunch of bowling pins.


"When you walked out with a pig," judge Howard Stern says to Wilcox, "I thought 'I could watch this pig all day,' but you proved to me that I can't watch it all day."

Howie Mandel gives Smooch a no and Sharon Osbourne, the animal-lover says yes, which makes my roommate yell, "Why?!" With Howard's no, Smooch won't be making his way to Las Vegas.


Next up is a martial artist who can hit people 20 times in one second and not much else. Then a female rapper and dancer who has as much talent asKe$ha. Then three very disturbing dance acts, including a woman who baa-s like a sheep while she tries to do ballet.

After the break we meet 6-year-old tap dancer Liliana, who says that if she wins a million dollars she would "buy more headbands." She seems really shy so I don't expect much from her. I spoke too soon, though; she's awesome. It's like being onstage gives her loads of confidence because she's not shy about shaking her hips or shooting adorable looks at the judges.

Sharon and Howard give Liliana standing ovations and two yeses.

"I think you're terrific, but I do not see this as a million dollar act, so I'm going to have to say a gentle no," says Howard, getting loud boo's from the crowd. But it doesn't matter because Liliana already got two yeses; she is the first tonight to move onto the next round in Vegas.

Jacob Williams is a 23-year-old real estate office worker who is here to do some stand up for the judges. He says he gets so nervous talking in front of people he sometimes throws up. He's endearing in a geeky way so I really want him to do well. When he introduces himself onstage he sounds so nervous, I'm actually getting nervous for him. But he surprises me and does really well.

"I just went through a break-up but it's okay because she was imaginary," Jacob says as part of his act. "As a kid I wanted to be a magician so I did this one trick where i made my father disappear from my life emotionally."

He gets three yeses and goes on to Vegas.

Trish looks like a stripper and the men in the crowd love her but when she begins her act, which is talking really fast, they change their minds.

"It was just annoying for me," says Howard.

When Sharon said she couldn't understand anything Trish was saying, Trish admitted she just made up that talent to meet Howard Stern.

"I know I'm not talented, I just came for [Howard]," says Trish. Howard goes on stage to give her a hug and Trish leaves happily.

Mary Joyner, daughter of Olympic athletes Al and Flo Joyner, is tonight's big finale. She's decided not to carry on the family business and is here to sing for the judges. She does a phenomenal job and brings many audience members to tears.


She easily gets three yeses and is the last to make it to Vegas.

More acts moving on to Vegas: a group of acrobats, a rock band that covered Adele's 'Rolling in the Deep,' a pair of dancers, a ballad singer, a celebrity impressionist, an elderly pair of tap dancing sisters and a dance troupe from Puerto Rico.

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