'American Idol' recap, The sudden death round

22-year-old Isabelle sings "God Bless the Child" and is told she's the best of the night.
22-year-old Isabelle sings "God Bless the Child" and is told she's the best of the night. (FOX)

Ten ladies, one song, one chance, no mercy. It's the sudden death round.

Contestants take the stage of The Mirage in Las Vegas, in front of their first live audience. This week's show begins with the ladies. The first ten will perform and only five will survive and move on to the next round.


Jenny Beth starts the night with a country song, clad in a pink and black tutu dress. She delivers a mediocre performance and the judges hold back nothing, lettng her know that the performance wasn't that strong. Certainly not how you start the show.

Teena, our Camp Mariah graduate, delivered what felt like a lounge act to me, but the judges enjoyed it. Teena reminded Nicki of 1980s R&B singers, which was a huge compliment as Nicki described that the authenticity of that era can't be heard in today's artists. Randy claimed this performance was the way that you start the night. (We'd later hear that a few more times.)


17-year-old Adriana from Alaska sang Aretha Franklin's "Ain't No Way." Ain't no way this superstar is going home tonight,l I thought. Will her performance be strong enough to keep her in the running?

Our psychiatric nurse, Brandy, continues the country music them of the night, however delivering a "pageant like" performance with "emotional inconsistencies." Seems you're not supposed to smile while singing a song begging your boyfriend to take ya back. Brandy is the first artist to perform and leave the stage knowing she may be in trouble.

Kinda speechless with Shubha's performance tonight, perfectly described by Nicki as a cross between Christina Aguilera and the "Ganham Style" dude. Seems Shubha tried to display every talent she had and didn't have as she sang, played the piano, danced and altered the arrangement of Lady Gaga's "Born This Way." Our sweet little over achieving Shubha, guilty of trying too hard.

The first lyrical tone death train wreck of the night was delivered by Kamariah, singing "You Don't Know a Thing About Me." After that, no one wanted to. The only surprise we'd get tonight is if Kamariah moved on to the next round after this. But she looked nice, all the judges agreed.

Early favorite Kree sang effortlessly, with no gimmics (and fully dressed). Needing nothing but her incredible voice, Kree reminds us all just why we're watching the show. Kree is told by Keith Urban, "if I were one of the other girls, I'd be very afraid right now."

Angela Miller didn't disappoint us, either. After her stellar performance of her original song back on Hollywood week, the judges all love her more tonight.

22-year-old Isabelle sings "God Bless the Child" and is told she's the best of the night.

Amber sings "Funny Valentine" as if we're at her very first sold-out concert and leaves the audience and judges very pleased. She receives an A+++ and is told she was great to watch.

Sudden Death. Ten performed, only five will stay:

Jenny. No

Brandy. No

Teena. Yes


Kree. Yes

Isabelle. No

Angela. Yes

Kamariah. No

Amber. Yes

We get down to recently made best friends Shubha and Adriana.

Adriana is our final yes, sending her new best friend Shubha home.

I found myself a bit underwhelmed by tonight's performances, left to think the stronger ladies will perform on the next episode. It's "Idol," baby!

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