'American Idol' recap, CJ kills it at boys' night

Last night Elijah, Cortez, Charlie, Nick, Burnell, Paul, Lazaro, Curtis, Devin and Vincent battled it out for a spot in this year's top 10. Well, some battled and some just blah. 

The show kicked off with Elijah, singing Rhianna's new hit, "Stay" -- I am certain every little teenaged girl watching last night stayed glued to the TV. It was perfection. The judges loved him and so did the audience. I'm thinking Elijah will stay.

Cortez wasn't as lucky. For some reason he took on Bruno Mars and perhaps singing "Locked Out of Heaven" got him locked out of the top 10. Nicki told poor Cortez that he needs to borrow Elijah's stylist and Randy said his dance moves were dope, but he didn't dance? apparently Randy tuned out as did many of us during that just OK performance.

America's Golden Boy, Charlie Askew, wow. Last night Charlie took us on a ride -- a weird, dark, little ride and we ended up in a place where people scream and not sing. Charlie took on Genesis, which originally, I thought OK, I can see Little Charlie doing Phil Collins, but, no! The judges were gravely disappointed in Charlie who seemed to have taken on the persona of someone else. It was really weird.

Keith Urban felt the song and Charlie were disconnected. Nicki went from wanting to cradle him like a baby to last nigh telling him "no arms, no ponytails and no earrings." Nicki felt as if her "little baby" were gone. That's what it felt like -- someone took our little baby and replaced him with a crazed, screaming, wild dude.

Charlie's explanation? "People think I'm happy because I smile, when actually I'm not and smile because I have to."

That folks, solidified Charlie's spot in the top 10. Forget the horrible performance, America loves this boy.

Burnell was amazing, singing the same song that he sang during his audition, but this time he gave us more.

Next up, Paul the self proclaimed "guy version of Taylor Swift," delivered a performance that was "odd" for Kieth and Nicki with some moments that were "yes" and other moments that were "no."

Randy and Mariah thought it was a bit "pageanty" and all judges agreed that Paul needed to "un-cabaret it." Tonight some pretty cool words were made up.

Lazaro, sang the Nina Simone classic "Feeling Good" and left us all felling great. Definitely a contender and I think he may make the top 10. I think.

Thank all of the guys that have performed thus far for warming us up for Curtis Finch Jr. CJ made the other guys feel like opening acts at his gospel concert. Wow.

Singing R. Kelly's "I Believe I Can Fly," I swear, I saw him sprout wings. Standing O and all, Curtis Finch Jr. shut it down last night.

Devin again gave us his Marc Anthony, bilingual ballad. I'm not certain he is not a one trick pony it may be the end of the road for Devin.

Speaking of the end of the road, Vincent dusted off the old Boyz II Men classic and, to me, just flat out over-did it. What could have been a great performance was dimmed under all of the long notes, theatrical facial expressions and old church lady riffs. Good try Vincent and just like me, the judges also thought you over did this one.

It was kind of tough picking the five "best" last night.

I'm going for:


Charlie (not for his performance) 


Curtis Finch Jr.


We'll find out tonight at 8, along with the girls, as America's top 10 are revealed. It's "Idol," baby!

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