'American Idol' recap, Sudden death round for the guys

Chris Watson shows us his armpits on "American Idol."
Chris Watson shows us his armpits on "American Idol." (FOX)

Last night made for a very interesting sudden death match for the boys and Nicki Minaj, who wanted to marry Chris' vibrato, cradle Charlie and have Elijah's babies.

The Mirage in Las Vegas was the backdrop for 10 boys, all with the same mission: Perform and be chosen at the end of the night as one of the five that makes it to the next round.


Paul Jolly was the first up and he started the night off with a subtle bang. Taking the bold move of singing a Keith Urban ballad, Keith was honored, yet each of the judges warned Paul to watch it, as he walks the line of over-performing. No one denied that he has an awesome voice. Paul had the longest wait to see if he made it.

Next up, Johnny Keiser. Nicki's "love" interest that apparently never gave Nicki a straight answer to her "do you have a girlfriend" question back during the auditions, so tonight she asks again and Johnny lets Nicky and America know that he's single. After a lot of flirting, the overall tone of the judges was that the performance overall was "just ok."


Now it's JDA. We love JDA! Singing and performing "Rumor Has It" JDA worked the stage in a full face of make up, a strappy black dress and stilettos! After JDA's performance, the judges gave him "at home in Vegas," "original," "work it girl!," and "award-winning performance."

To each, JDA responds "I'm representing for the gays!" He could so open up for Lady Ga Ga on a world tour and I'd be the first in line to buy tickets.

Kevin Harris AKA Butta, gave us a sultry rendition of Bryan Adams' "Everything I Do" and his accolades included that he was the first boy of the night to bring 100 percent vocals tonight, however Randy did not hold back in letting Kevin know that he was bored with the performance. So was I.

Chris Watson, sang his gutsy rendition of "Sitting on the Dock of the Bay." Nicki loved loved him, however there was just something about this performance that had me on the fence and uncertain if it was a performance that would survive Sudden Death.

Devin took a huge risk, not only by singing Beyonce's "Dream Girl" ballad "Listen" but he sang it in both English and Spanish. The judges enjoyed the performance and the only advice overall was that Devin needed to believe in his voice as they do. We believe. We believe.

Calling the boys diverse would be an understatement. After Devin we got the opportunity to listen to the  half-Chinese, half-Mexican pop star. Nicki wants to have his babies. Elijah, watching and listening to his performance you could simply picture his music videos and teenage girls screaming during concerts, certain that Elijah is a sure thing for the next round. Even with those super sharp out of tune notes toward the end.

Keith Urban said it best tonight: "If Freddie Mercury had a love child at Woodstock" it would in fact be our favorite weird dude, Charlie Askew. Singing "Rocket Man," he consistently held his own. He's coming into his inner rock star. Amazing to watch this once anti-social wallflower bloom right before our eyes. Great job, Charlie.

Singing another Keith Urban cover, Jimmy Smith hits the stage  and ummmm, sings. We'll see, Jimmy.

Curtis Fitz Jr. Our church boy brought it again. This time a Luther Vandross hit , which was just OK to me (bet these guys are happy I'm not a judge). Keith, however, felt like he'd been thoroughly washed of his sins and Randy felt the performance was a little old fashioned. I'm with Randy.

Sudden Death. 10 Boys. Five Stools. It's time.

Curtis is up first and gets told "you know damned well you're through!" (That would be a yes.)

Jimmy. No.


Kevin.  No

Elijah. Yes.

JDA. No. I scream in total shock! No? No, Ericka ... JDA is a no.

With split votes, Jimmy Iovine is needed for the tie breaker that will seal Paul's fate.

Admitting that he too felt that Paul over sang his song, but because he recognized that there is a fact a great voice in there. Paul gets a yes.

Chris. No.

Charlie. Of course he's a YES!

Johnny and Devin are our final two boys; one stays, one goes. Devin stays and Johnny goes.

And there we have our five survivors of sudden death. Looking ahead to next week, seems the best were saved for last and we're in for a great two nights of more sudden death rounds.

I'm ready -- it's "Idol," baby!

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