'American Idol' recap, Ladies night in Hollywood

Only 20 ladies make it to the next round of "American Idol."
Only 20 ladies make it to the next round of "American Idol." (FOX)

Solo night in Hollywood for the ladies.

The night started off with a big bang: Angela Miller kicked off the night delivering a powerful, passionate, three-judge-standing-ovation-deserving explosion.

She took the seemingly deadly risk of singing an original song: her "You Set Me Free." This song was phenomenal and her delivery nothing short of award-winning. Raising the bar to an incredibly high level, Angela is a sure thing for the top 20 girls.

Next up, two ladies that have been here before, returning "Idol" hopefuls Candace and Janelle. Candace belted out Alicia Key's "Girl On Fire" and Janelle sang "I Told You So." Both were amazing in their own right, and both are through to the next round. Janelle, I'd say three's a charm.

Armed with a set of drum sticks and also choosing to sing an original song is our Zoanette, who surprisingly is still here. The song? Oh, yeah she made it up on stage. Title? "Ba Ba Ba Ba Ba." Delivery? Shockingly awesome! Stay awhile Zoanette, please.

We heard Shubha, Juliana, Kez and Ashlee. We said goodbye to Kez.

Enter Cree. Can you say 'wow'? It gave Keith Urban chills and got her a spot in the top 20.

Joining Cree in the top 20 are Lauren and Melinda ... I'm not a huge Melinda fan. We'll see.

Twenty-four ladies are left and called to the stage. Twenty-four ladies are told that four have to go.

Lauren, Polly and Ariel are told it's the end of the road. Sheesh, the tension. There is still one too many. Stephanie and Rachel are asked to return to the stage and sing with the band one more time to make the final determination.

Stephanie, who Nicky has never liked, is still lacking star power, while Rachel Hale's performance didn't quite move me either. Who will stay? Who will go? Goodbye Stephanie, its the end of the road and now folks we have our season 12 top 20 girls!

When last we saw the fellas, there were 28. Twenty stay, and for eight of them, tonight will be the end of the road.

Adam Sanders is called to sing for his life. Adam? I liked Adam alot during auditons and noticed tonight that each of his songs has been a female cover. Will he be able to sing male artist songs? Hmm, well not tonight. He picks Celine Dion's "Taking Chances." I'm sorry, the scraching, high pitched dog whistle thing is killing me; i can't take another moment of Adam.

Up against Adam for the final slot is Josh Holiday, the budding gospel singer. Seems he cashed in a favor from God. Singing "Georgia On My Mind," Josh tore it up, literally -- splitting his pants during his performance, out-singing Adam and taking the spot! 

The eight guys to say goodbye are Peter, Marvin, Devin,Kenny, Will, Tony, David and Adam Sanders.

Folks we have our top 40, and we are totally read to kick off season 12.

Next week, we're in Vegas, where our hopefuls take on each other, the judges and a live audience. it's the sudden death round and we're ready.

Rest up folks. It's "Idol," baby!

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