Last night, 10 ladies performed before a live audience in hopes of yet again keeping one of five spots. This time, it's finally up to us -- we're voting for our favorites.

Zoanette kicks off the night with the Tina Turner classic "Private Dancer," which should have been a private performance, never seeing the light of day. The judges agree. Not a good performance and Zoanette may be in some real trouble.


Brianna takes on Beyonce, and though she's got a sweet, pretty voice, doesn't quite have the power needed to deliver the song. Again, the judges agree and it's decided the performance just isn't good.

Aubrey's up, we get to see a clip of her road from Oregon story. She takes on Fergie. Keith Urban tonight proved that his role is Mr. Nice -- I believe he told every chick he loved her performance. Including this one. Randy compared Aubrey to Rhianna, a reach, I think. Aubrey was OK. Good enough to stay? America will be the judge of that.

Janelle was compared to all of the country greats. All of the judges loved her. Me? I took a nap. Snooooooooore.

Tenna, "The Queen of Queens," challenged herself and took on Faith Hill. Keith loved her, of course. Nicki wins best critique of the night with "I like your hair and I like your boobs" and finally Nicky let us know that she did in fact like Tenna's singing.

Angela, now known as Angie, went back behind the piano again and delivered an award-winning performance. This girl is amazing. Last night's performance was very close to the stellar show she delivered singing her original song back in Hollywood. Angie is a favorite and I foresee being around for a very long time. Team Angie!

Amber, now known as Ber (Nicki Minaj nicknames strike again) took the biggest risk of the night, with on the late, great Whitney Houston and did the legend proud. I'd say she's safe.

Kree came out and shut it down. This girl is phenomenal. She delivered a stellar performance, leaving us all wanting more. Besides, she's Nicky's new "wife" -- what else would you expect from someone married to Nicki?

After Alaska's little sweetheart Adrianna performed, Nicki told her to "work harder and come back next year" after her "pageanty" performance that none of the judges enjoyed. Nicki has spoken.

Last but not least -- Candice. Just, wow. Candice took John Legend's "Ordinary People," made it her own and left us wishing we could download it. In the words of Randy, this one's in it to win it, dawg.

My picks for the top 5:







I downloaded the new app to cast my votes. Same place, same time tonight. It's "Idol," baby!