'American Horror Story: Asylum' recap, 'I am Anne Frank, Part II'

Until this episode, Dr. Arden was the most evil man running around Briarcliff.

That title now belongs to Dr. Oliver Thredson, who is finally revealed as Bloody Face.

Ryan Murphy did a great job hiding the identity of Bloody Face to this point. Thredson seemed to be the most genuinely humane person working in the asylum, which isn't saying much considering its run by former Nazis, other killers and a promiscuous nun who hit a young girl while driving drunk. 

So how did we come to find out that Dr. Thredson is doing his best impression of Buffalo Bill? (Aside from the cross-dressing and nipple rings ... I hope)

Thredson promises to help Lana escape Briarcliff and he does just that. But where he takes her is much worse. The pair arrives at Thredson's home and as Lana converses with Thredson, she begins to notice his furniture is made out of an odd material. Things get even weirder when he passes her a mint bowl made out of a skull.

My first thought would be to take the mint since Lana probably hadn't had access to a toothbrush in days. Instead, she excuses herself to the restroom and stumbles upon a secret room.

Thredson finds her there and tells her some sobering details about his furniture collection.

"I see you found my little ... hobby," he says.

"You make furniture?" asks Lana.

"Lamps mainly. I make the shades myself."

"What kind of material do you use?" Lana asks while trembling.

"Skin," Thredson replies before he flips a switch opening a trap floor panel.

There Lana sees her dead lover and Thredson urges her to share a kiss with the body.

"She's been on ice for a while. Normally by now, I would of removed the skin and head. Don't worry," he continues. "She won't bite. I took her teeth."

We know Thredson killed Kit's wife, Alma, and at least three others. But Thredson didn't just take Kit's freedom. He may have taken Kit's life by sending him to the electric chair.

Before he frees Lana from the asylum, Thredson covers his tracks by fooling Kit into giving a confession about the murders.

He tells Kit that he will tell the courts Kit is insane if Kit gives a practice confession and is sincere. Kit may not be insane or a killer, but he is gullible.

Thredson turns that confession in to the authorities and they later come to the asylum to arrest Kit.

Sister Jude, the Nazi Hunter

Sister Jude follows up on Anne Frank's claims that Dr. Arden is really Hans Gruber, a former Nazi.

"The Nazi Hunter" has a nice ring to it. Speaking of ringing, the man investigating Arden on Sister Jude's behalf is Sam Goodman, played by Mark Margolis. You may remember him as Hector "Tio" Salamanca, the angry, bell-ringing, former cartel member from Breaking Bad.

Sister Jude eventually backs Goodman off the case when she discovers that Anne Frank is really named Charlotte, and that she wasn't in Auschwitz. Charlotte is just another mental case and as her husband tells Sister Jude when he comes to bring her home, Charlotte assumed the identity of Anne Frank to cope with the birth of their child.


As Briarcliff continues to get more inauspicious, Sister Jude begins to look more like the holiest person in the joint. That may not last long, however (more on that later).

An argument with Dr. Arden reveals his plan to remove her from the asylum.

"You and I both know that during my absence, you finally got the chance to stick your nose in my lab."

"It wasn't all that interesting," Sister Jude replies.

"Your ineptitude is staggering," says Arden.

Sister Jude asks Dr. Arden to start their relationship fresh, but he has his mind set on erasing her tenure as the asylum's leader.

Dr. Arden decides to make Sister Jude ask for forgiveness before he presses charges for allowing Charlotte to shoot him.

"I'd prefer you'd grovel," he says. "Perhaps if you prostrated yourself on the floor, and beg my forgiveness."

"You're through here Sister," Arden continues. "And you know it."

Arden threatens to demand Sister Jude's dismissal by the Monsignor and Sister Jude takes it like a child being berated for skipping school.

As if being outnumbered by the Monsignor and Dr. Arden wasn't enough, Sister Jude also has to deal with Sister Mary Eunice joining the dark side.

In her possessed state, Sister Mary Eunice has shown a few unworldly powers, but she has yet to use the choke hold. Sister Jude has to be grateful for that.

Or maybe she did use the choke hold on Shelley, because every Shelley appearance lately has shown her gargling, unable to breathe.

Sister Mary Eunice moved Shelley to the woods before Sister Jude performed her inspection of Dr. Arden's lab.

"I know what you did, Sister," Arden says to Sister Mary Eunice. "Thank you for protecting me."

"Protecting us," she says.

Sister May Eunice either did a poor job of cleaning up or she purposefully left Shelley in another area because the disfigured creature shows up during a school recess and scares a playground of children.

Breaking Bad

When Sister Jude learns of her potential dismissal from Briarcliff, she reverts to her old behavior of sleeping with random men at local bars and stealing their possessions.

Did I really say she was the purest person of those running Briarcliff?

That statement is again confirmed after Dr. Arden performs another vengeful surgery, this time on the fake Anne Frank after her husband brings her back to the asylum for treatment.

With Charlotte's husband watching, Dr. Arden conducts a trans-orbital lobotomy to cure Charlotte of her personality disorder.

Fake Anne Frank's stay at Briarcliff lasted two episodes. Anne, we hardly knew ye.

Final thoughts:

Last week, I guessed that Bloody Face could be the Monsignor. I was wrong, but Thredson was the least likely choice out of anyone in Briarcliff to be the serial killer.

Maybe the scene where he forced Lana to touch herself should have clued me in.

Grace is visited in her cell by a bright light. The light turns out to be the aliens and Alma Walker. It's unclear what they did to Grace, or if she had the sterilization procedure ordered by Sister Jude. All we see is blood flowing out from her body and that's usually a bad sign. With Kit, Shelley and Lana gone, Grace is one of the few remaining main characters left in the asylum.

What we learned:

The big twist was Dr. Thredson's double life as psychiatrist and Bloody Face. Thredson framed Kit for the murders and is holding Lana hostage for the next stage of his plan.

With Sister Jude out of the way, Sister Mary Eunice is planning to extend her role as Dr. Arden's accomplice.

What to expect next week:

We should learn more about Thredson's role as Bloody Face, including what food products he uses to make the mask (nutmeg anyone?)

Monsignor Timothy Howard's friendship with Dr. Arden will be further explained and Sister Jude may be forced to leave Briarcliff.