'America's Next Top Model' recap: 'The Girl or Guy Who Came Back'

To be honest, there wasn't that much crazy on last night's episode of "Top Model." In fact, the models had to get serious about their careers, because this was Go See week.

In case this is your first time investing yourself in a season of "ANTM," a Go See is when a model brings his or her portfolio to a designer's showroom, tries on their clothes and shows off their walk for a chance to get booked for a runway show.


To begin, Lacey gets a moment to brag about winning Best Photo — and the chance to sleep in the Tyra Suite — three times. We get it Lacey, you're one of the few in the house who looks like a real, profesh model.

For her #TyTyTip, Tyra says people are going to be jealous, so don't worry about it. Great tip, Ty.


Hadassah regrets that Bello left the show on such bad terms, since he was her only friend in the house. But I'm starting to think Hadassah is an automaton, because she mostly has one facial expression and doesn't seem to know how to treat others like human beings.

Once again, Devin reminds us that he's signed to six agencies around the world, so he's got the Go Sees in the bag. The obvious question would be, then why are you here? But we have yet to get an answer. Maybe he's lying. Seems plausible.


The models head over to Next Management to meet with agency director Alexis Borges and queen of the dead Kelly Cutrone. Kelly and Alexis have an unhappy surprise for the models.

All the eliminated models appear, and one of them will have a chance to return to the competition, taking the spot of a current model.

Devin is pissed.

The current models have to pair up with the eliminated models for their Go Sees. Of course, Mikey picks Ashley, even though I can't help feeling like Mikey is just being nice. Hadassah picks Ava, leaving Bello to be picked last. So he gets stuck with Devin, his mortal enemy.

Now Devin is super-pissed.

Bello says something about people being "fraudulent," seemingly more upset by Hadassah's burn than by being paired with Devin.

The model pairs have three hours to go to four Go Sees, and if they're late returning to Next Agency, they're disqualified. Kelly Cutrone reminds the models to use their Oppo phones to help them get around because it has GPS, like basically every phone.

Did it hurt, Kelly, selling your soul?

No surprise, baby bird Courtney is an absolute mess on Go Sees. All she has going for her is great photos, so when she shows up with her wobbly walk and skeletal body, it's not a good look.


One designer says he's never seen a walk quite like Courtney's. In this case, that was not a compliment.

Lacey also falls apart a little, looking none too elegant when she trips while walking in a designer's long dress.

Meanwhile, Devin and Bello are totally screwing it up, because between the two of them, they have no sense of direction. Also, Delanie and Nyle aren't doing too great either, because Delanie keeps forgetting her things, making them backtrack all around town.

Between the LA traffic and the models' poor time management, getting back to Next Agency is a scramble. Unfortunately, Mamé and Courtney don't make it back in time.

Back at Next Agency, Kelly reprimands Dustin and Justin for busting in Mikey and Ashley's Go See and basically demanding that the designer watch them walk. Not a way to make a good impression, bros.

We also find out that Hadassah won the challenge, booking three out of four jobs. Mamé would have won, since she obviously booked four out of four if she hadn't been late. Boo.

All 14 models reunite at the house, which is crowded once again since it's not built to accommodate so many people. Not much happens the night before the photo shoot, probably because everyone was trying to figure out where they were going to sleep.

Photo shoot

Yu Tsai greets the models the next morning at the elimination photo shoot and tells them they're going to be posing with dogs that resemble them.

Nyle uses his text-to-speech app to tell Mikey he's going to win best photo. Mikey doesn't look at Nyle and speaks something back to him, which I missed because I was too busy wondering how someone could be so stupid. Do we really need to have another lesson in ASL and common courtesy?

But it doesn't matter, because Nyle is in a suit with a Husky, and women around the world are melting.

Justin, on the other hand, completely struggles with his pit bull, thinking that picking up the 100-pound dog would be a good idea.

Yu Tsai lays down on the floor, telling Justin, "You're putting me in the fetal position. I need to be reborn to shoot you."

If I've learned anything, it's that photo shoots can get real weird.

Later, Courtney gets paired up with her spirit animal, a Chinese crested dog. If you don't know what these look like, Google it and you'll see what I mean.

Back at the house, Bello and Hadassah are relaxing in the Jacuzzi when they start arguing. Bello's feelings are hurt, because he thought he and Hadassah were friends. He's yelling this very loudly, but he says he's yelling because he cares about her.

Hadassah, however, just hears yelling, mumbles something about avoiding drama and walks away. Bello tells her to have a nice life.

You tell her, Bello.

Judges' elimination

The 14 models enter the judges' panel, but only seven are staying.

The judges seem to like Devin's photo with the Chinese crested, calling it "fashionably comedic." But per usual, his eyebrows are crazy town.

Tyra really likes Mamé's photo with the doberman, but Kelly Cutrone isn't feeling it because she doesn't look enough like a dominatrix.

Justin's photo with the pit bull is so so. Tyra offers him a modeling tip: lean forward so your head doesn't look small. Interesting tip, Tyra.

Nyle's photo leaves Tyra speechless, and Kelly says she's digging his "primordial wolf energy," whatever that means.

When it's Bello's turn, Tyra notices how much passion he brought back to the competition. However, she tells him, "No matter how much passion we have, someone has to choose you."

Whoa. I don't think that was a pep talk, Ty. Actually, I feel pretty depressed now. Thanks for crushing our dreams.

But anyway, it doesn't matter, because Chris Pine-lookalike Dustin is coming back to the competition. They really like his jawline, and he was the only one who actually got along with his dog. So, that's cool, I guess.

Nyle wins best photo, and Tyra says that after seeing that photo, even her mom would say "sign me up." Kind of awkward, but I think she's right. Everyone's mom likes Nyle.

Justin and Devin have the lowest scores, but before we find out who's going home, Tyra announces that the models are going to Las Vegas for reasons unknown.

And actually, we never find out who's going home. It's a cliffhanger!


Tune in next week to find out who isn't going to Vegas, and to see 18-year-old Dustin desperately flirt with every girl on the Strip.

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