'24: Live Another Day' recap: Big trouble for the president

So what have we learned since lunch time? Jack Bauer is in London, he’s there to thwart a plot to kill the president of the United States.

Why? Because if POTUS dies on foreign soil, that would mean World War III.

Unfortunately, President Heller (father of Audrey Heller, Jack’s old flame) is losing his memory. His chief of staff grills him before he has to explain to British Parliament that an American Drone killed a convoy of US and British troops … amidst talks of a treaty … for drone use.

The following takes place 1:00 pm and 2:00 pm.

Jack and Chloe arrive at the pub where Yates was killed, they find out his fake girlfriend is actually a master assassin and has stolen the doomsday device. So not only does she have the blade skills of the dude from "Assassin's Creed" – she also has the ability to control up to 10 US Drones at one time.

Agent Kate Morgan questions Bashers gang. Basher is smart enough to know the CIA operatives have to get out of dodge before local police arrive. So naturally, Agent Morgan pistols whips him in the back of the head so they can take in for questioning. Tre Bauer.

Jack follows Yate’s girlfriend in the tubes (that’s British for subway). She cleverly escapes, making everybody think Jack assaulted her – leaving Jack to clobber his way through Brits to keep his eye on the target.

Chloe sees a nuclear family straight out of an L.L. Bean catalog and gets distracted. Lost in her thoughts, Chloe misses the target walk right by her. She reveals to Jack that she thought the family was her estranged husband and son, oh, and they’re dead and Chloe blames herself. Jack has missed a lot over his years on the lamb.

I’m not sure how, but Mark Boudreau serves as the president’s chief of staff AND son-in-law. His wife Audrey doesn’t like the way Mark grilled her father in preparation to face parliament. But to be fair, he was a cupcake compared to the original house of cards. (Double-taps desk with knuckle.)

Mark lies to Audrey about why he has a concerned look on his face. He says it’s because he’s concerned for his commander in chief, but really it’s because he’s thinking about forging the President’s signature on an order that would give Bauer over to the Russians.

Chloe finds our master assassin is actual Simone Al-Harazi, daughter of Margot from the "Real British Housewives of Al-Qaeda." Margot was widowed after her husband was killed in a drone strike…for being a terrorist. Safe to say hell hath no fury like a woman scorn … especially when she has the ability to command 10 of your drones from a laptop.

Turns out it will take the Al-Harazi family about an hour to get their drones working (not counting commercials).


Jack comes back to Camp Hacker, and engages in some pseudo-ethical banter over the use of drones. Adrian begrudgingly assists Jack, who pleads to Cross and the gang to get him an identity and clearance so he can stop President Heller from surrendering the US Drone operator, Lt. Tanner, to the British.

Agent Morgan takes Basher to a scene out of the Stop Snitching video. In light of curb stomping him, they make him nervous enough to spill his guts about Yates. Basher got paid a ton of money to protect him because he was working on something that had to do with drones and some guy named Tanner and the puzzle pieces start to come together after they cut to a scene of Lt. Tanner being escorted through an angry mob.


In the penultimate block, we see our plot chess pieces quickly cycle through to set up the rest of the storyline.

Margot Stark stitches up her daughter and begins to wonder how an American other than Chuck Norris could keep up with her trained killer of a daughter.

Agent Morgan and Rittler continue to figure out the connection between Bauer, Tanner and Yates.
President and Audrey Heller engage in a daddy-daughter talk about the President’s appearance in front of Parliament, which quickly turns into a lesson to the audience of when nepotism goes wrong in the executive branch.

Jack sneaks his way through the angry mob with Adrian’s Wall of Hackers keeping watch. Adrian tries to get Jack caught without Chloe finding out.

Back on the ranch, Simone and her husband discuss her extramarital goings-on in order to get the job done. He grabs some liquid courage before he executes a coordinated attack on British and American targets. Then Simone is seen pleasuring her spouse as Mother watches on a baby monitor.

Prime Minister Stephen Fry tells President Heller that while handing over Lt. Tanner was helpful, it’s still going to be hard getting the votes needed for their proposed treaty. Because we’re not used to gridlock in the American legislative branch.

Audrey then gives her husband a rant about his need to make decisions for others after she failed to talk her father out of his parliamentary address. You know, like where to keep the remote controls, whose job it is to clean up after the dog and forging the signature of the commander in chief. He keeps giving a look that will probably make him out to be the bad guy in about five or six episodes.

As President Heller takes the podium, the rabble begins. “Ladies and gentlemen,” [RABBLE, RABBLE, RABBLE] “I wish there were words,” [RABBLE RABBLE RABBLE]

A couple quick frames of foreshadowing: Margot at the bunny ranch; Jack waiting in line to get to Lt. Tanner, Agents Morgan and Rittler still just short of figuring out the entire plot.

Jack’s credential doesn’t work just before Chloe can smell the double cross. Jack steals a police officer’s handgun, shoots two protesters in the knee cap and convinces the angry mob that the police are shooting at them to cause a distraction and get Jack through the gates. Once again, the CIA operatives are two steps behind Jack and in the closing frame Agent Morgan shouts “Bauer” into the extreme close up.


Nothing explodes. Jack does NOT scream “We’re running out of time!” Overall less energy than a week ago, but we’ve learned a thing or two about how the next 9 hours will pan out.