'24: Live Another Day' recap, The trouble with drones

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The following takes place between 3:00 and 4:00 pm.
Agent Morgan allows Jack to be taken into military custody and takes Lt. Tanner’s flight key so she can finish the job Jack started. She even gets on Jack’s communication line with Chloe and immediately begins working as the female Jack.

Margot Al-Harazi comforts her ailing daughter, you know, the one whose left ring finger she had removed as a symbolic shot across the bow to her husband Navid. In turn, Navid must now make up for his sins by drone-striking hundreds of civilians and potentially a few US and British diplomats while they’re at it.

After Chloe threatens her boyfriend hacker Adrian Cross with a lifetime of guilt trips, Cross agrees to help Chloe read through the Flight Key’s data and finds the override code proving Lt. Tanner’s innocence and more importantly the threat of another strike by Margot Al-Harazi & co. A win for the US and a loss for boyfriends who work in the same field their angry significant other. Agent Morgan then forwards their findings Station Chief Navarro who summons the President.

President Heller is then faced with the same scenario as every other president in TV dramas – we need to move quickly or people will die. Preferable quickly enough to finish up the A block and either resolve the issue or tease the next segment.

Heller orders every active US drone to be grounded. When Al-Harazi’s camp sees, she immediately realizes they’ve been figured out and orders Navid to override as many drones as possible. This game of chicken gets back to Heller’s control board and general confusion spreads. Heller ends up looking like your grandfather who still doesn’t understand how iTunes works. But at the 13 minute mark, it seems that Al-Harazi’s people have taken six drones off the radar.

Heller and his people are briefed on the firepower of the missing drones – apparently capable of leveling all, if not, half of London. But it turns out their so powerful, fast and stealthy that even the U.S. military can’t bring them done. Figures, this is the ONE time an American-made product won’t break.

Agent Morgan and Ritter arrive back at the London CIA station. After briefing his Station, Navarro gives Morgan a stern “we have to talk.” Apparently her actions back at the embassy made enough people mad that the higher-ups have demanded she be taken out of the field. This is usually the moment where Jack would sneak back into action despite the orders given from above. How much Bauer do you have in you, Agent Morgan?

Margot Al-Haraz then uploads a video with her passionate anti-drone speech in prototypical Al-Jazeera style. A drone killed her husband, so now she’d like to kill President Heller. Eye for an eye, right? Her demands are simple – surrender the most powerful politician in the world, or thousands of Londoners will die.

3:28: 55
Adrian Cross reasons with Jack’s Serbian friends and has decided his group has done all that’s necessary and needs to get out of dodge before London is leveled. Chloe channels her former, selfless self and wonders if there’s more they can do. Cross would rather not be present for a drone strike to his hometown especially after he and his hacker friends have been in contact with the CIA.

POTUS and his inner circle review the footage of the drone strike that killed Margot Al-Harazi’s husband along with innocent children. Turns out Chief of Staff Mark Bordeau decided not to mention the drone strike had civilian casualties because you know, then they’d stop getting funding for their baby killing machines of destruction. And now, when the president does not meet Al-Harazi’s demands, the eventually bombing of London will hang on his head.

Heller meets with Jack, tells him he was right and wants to know more information. Jack knows an arms dealer with an Al-Harazi connection. He asks Heller to put him back in the field so he can chase down this lead.

We now learn the first drone should reach London in 14 minutes. Navid asks to see his wife and confides to his wife that he made Margot’s ransom video traceable and planted evidence of his actions around the Al-Harazi HQ. The CIA finds this out and Google maps their way to Camp Al-Harazi.

Jack sits in a room alone when Audrey Heller comes to visit him. She tells him they’ve found Al-Harazi’s base and there’s an operation in place. The former couple the catch up real quick “You’re married now …is he good to you?” Awkward smile, close no-kiss.

Stephen Fry doing his best Churchill impression is pretty angry to find out his political stake in this whole drone program his paid some terrible dividends. The only reassurance Heller can give is that they may have found Camp Al-Harazi. Hopefully.

Back at the CIA, Agent Morgan thinks something about the traceable video seemed easy. A little too easy. Ironically, back at the compound Al-Harazi and co. discover Navid’s betrayal and beats the crap out of him. She then orders he be taken out behind the woodshed. And to top it off, there’s a drone pointed right at the decoy house the CIA is closing in on.

Chloe decides to stay and help – despite Adrian’s objections. Meanwhile, Agent Navarro leads the raid on the suspected Al-Harazi house, as the lone agent without a helment. But, I mean, it’s Benjamin Bratt – would you cover up THAT hair? I think not.

Chloe then discovers that the address was actually a decoy planted by Al-Harazi and the CIA was heading for a trap. Navarro and his team desperately try to flee but a few get caught in a blast. After his replacement proves himself a worthy drone pilot – Navid gets Old Yeller’d by Margot.