'24: Live Another Day' recap, London standoff

The following takes place between 8:00-9:00 p.m.

After letting Navarro slip through his hands, Jack informs Agent Morgan that her boss sent a professional assassin to kill her best work friend Jordan. Now who will she sit with at lunch?!


Adrian Cross reveals to Chloe that the Doomsday Device is actually his baby. While their former colleague may have been working on it in an attempt to sell it to terrorists. With Margot dead, Adrian has now picked up the bad guy torch for the next four hours.

Jack chases down Navarro, who is holding the world's most dangerous piece of technology in a satchel,  across the moonlit streets of London. There's some gunfire exchanges, Navarro even pistol whips a soldier – paying homage to Jack. He eventually gets to Adrian's drop point, gives up the Doomsday device, and is left high and dry by a man literally named Cross. Jack arrests Navarro and chases down Adrian and Chloe, who board a London subway together.



With Navarro in handcuffs, and the UK's best hacker in possession of the key to the end of the world, Agent Ritter is now left in charge of the London CIA station. Kate begins looking into why Navarrro wanted Jordan dead.

Meanwhile, the Alzheimer's-stricken President almost mixes his medication with Scotch until his daughter Audrey steps in to stop him. Feeling guilty over the lives lost in the last eight hours, POTUS prepares to head back to the States and complete a smooth transition of power to the VP. That is until his daughter tries to remind him that the preparations have already been done and he was briefed on the next steps.

That is, until the CIA informs the President, his daughter and her husband, the Chief of Staff, that the bad guys have the doomsday device and the world is in danger … again.

Back at the CIA London station, Kate is given the put-together puzzle pieces about Navarro. Who not only killed one of his analysts, stole the doomsday device and gave it back to the anarchist hacker who built, but he also sold secrets to the Chinese…and framed Morgan's husband…and covered it up.

Jack arrives with Navarro in custody. Upon finding out that Navarro set up Kate's husband, Jack offers to "personally interrogate" Navarro. Oh happy day.

Turns out Navarro will be interrogated shirtless, because Benjamin Bratt. But in the absence of a shirt, Navarro dons a pompous grin – knowing that a career oriented Ritter won't allow any Jack Bauer torture in his CIA station – and demands full immunity in exchange for information on how to find Adrian. Jack breaks his hand.



As Bodreau receives word of Navarro's demands, he sees a concerned wife at the end of a hallway, the two have a quick family talk. Wife tells husband how she feels, husband twists around emotions and makes her looks like the bad guy, just like any great TV marriage. Bordreau's insecurity is rooted around Jack Bauer and the fact that he may or may not have forged an order handing over Bauer to the Russians after this whole Doomsday Device fiasco blows over. Bodreau can't give them Bauer, but tells his comrades how to find him.

Preparations are finishing up nicely as Adrian gets ready to go home with his loving girlfriend and his beautiful code that can effectively unlock the entire United States Military's arsenal. But once things get to be a bit too cooky, Chloe tries the old "I have to go pee on the side of the road" trick in an attempt to run away from her psycho ex boyfriend. When she tries to hitch along with a passing trucker, Adrian shoots the driver and gives Chloe a stern talking-to.

Back at CIA HQ, Morgan continues her development as the mini Jack by pulling a gun on her own coworkers and pistol whipping her former boss-turned-heel. In comes Jack, who tries to be a voice of reason while Kate has her 9-mm pressed against Navarro's chin, causing Jack to draw his weapon and now we've got ourselves in a gold, old-fashioned London standoff. As voices and threats of getting shot escalate, Navarro reveals he put a tracker on the doomsday device and gives everybody the code to finding Cross. Kate tells Navarro he's going to be hanged and drops the mic.


POTUS meets with his advisors regarding the next steps, Bodreau shows up late and finds out Jack is leading the chase on Cross. You know, just as the Russians have the playbook on how to catch him.

Jack and Agent Morgan have a heart-to-heart about her husband's death. She talks about her husband, Jack talks about Renee. After going on a killing spree to ease the pain, Jack finally came to realize you can only forgive yourself after realizing that life is more than just pistol whipping and water boarding terrorists and suspects.


Adrian and Chloe arrive at the lab only to find their entire team has been brutally murdered. It looks like scene out of a zombie movie. Turns out Cross hasn't been dealing with any old Chinese thugs, but rather the type of Chinese thugs that captured and tortured Jack back in the day. Cross was supposed to build the device for Cheng, the disgraced former Chinese Intel Head, and he's come to seize what he's due. And our government owes how much money to the Chinese?

Although the device appears altered, probably by the recently installed tracking device. In need of her help, Cheng shoots Adrian in the knee cap until his girlfriend complies with the bad guy's needs.


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Bordeau tries to call of the Russians, but keeps getting their voicemail. Ooops.

Jack and Kate close in on Adrian's lab, completely unaware of the scene awaiting them.

Chloe tries to sneak in a virus as she "helps" Cheng with the override device. As he bleeds out, Cross uses this opportunity to tell Chloe that the car accident killing her family was not Uncle Sam trying to get to her, rather it was just a car accident.


Now with the device up and running, Cheng sees no more need for Adrian and shoots him point blank.

Meanwhile, Jack and Kate's Jeep is rammed by two Russians in a garbage truck. Bauer and Morgan dispatch of their assailants, followed by another convoy of AK-47 wielding Russian soldiers. For a city that banned handguns, London sure has a lot of bullets riddling the streets in a matter of hours.

Speaking of weapons, Cheng uses the device to send an order to a U.S. nuclear sub to sink a Chinese carrier ship. So now the Chinese will fireback, the Russians will probably get involved and future Jack Bauer will send a killer robot back in time to stop the future doomsday events from taking place. I now know why you cry.