'24: Live Another Day' recap, Jack goes after final leads

The following takes place between 7:00 and 8:00 p.m.

The president is dead. Blown to bits by a US drone strike … by an anti-drone activist/terrorist. As the U.S. and UK officials watch on TV, we cut over to CIA London Station where Agent Morgan confirms Heller’s planned surrender to Al-Harazzi so she would destroy the rest of the drones in her control.

Cut to camp Al-Harazzi who celebrates their win over the murderous, drone-using Americans … whose President she just killed with a drone strike …. only to find out the video feed used for visual confirmation is on a loop, like the camera footage in Keanu Reaves uses to trick Dennis Hopper in “Speed.” And bad guys HATE bait and switch gimmicks when it comes to a hostage situation.

Al-Harazzi scrambles to save the last drone, and moments later Chloe confirms to Jack that five drones have been downed and one was about to go down but changed its course. And I would’ve gotten away with it too if it wasn’t or those meddling kids.

Jack stows away the president with his henchmen to keep him safe from Al-Harazzi. He then coordinates a mission between CIA, the Royal Air Force and the Heller Administration. He informs all parties that the president is still alive and they need to either take out that last drone or get to Al-Harazzi before she can target anything or anyone. Audrey is the first person to thank Jack this early in a season. But hey, they only have 12 hours in this day.

Meanwhile, questions start to rise about Jordan’s disappearance and Navarro gets touchy about it.
Back at Camp Al-Harazzi, Margot and company are freaking out about the president’s survival. While watching the news featuring panicked Londoners, Margot decides to target the overcrowded Waterloo Station. If the President is going to live, she wants him to see all the innocent lives traded in for his. I’m not convinced, but I’m pretty sure Hall and Oates wrote “Maneater” about her.

Jack is flying a helicopter and Chloe is hacking the planet. Just like old times. And of course, like old times, Chloe is trying as hard as she can but can’t quite get it. So she calls Adrian for additional support and he helps out despite his best judgment.

Agents Morgan and Ritter arrive at the location and immediately start taking fire from Al-Harazzi’s henchmen. Jack lands on the roof of the office building while the final drone begins to close in on London. Jack shoots down several goons as he descends upon Al-Harazzi.
Agent Morgan blows up the building’s power generator, allowing Chloe to trace their backup generator and leads to the exact suite where Al-Harazzi is working. Jack findns the suite, but they have bigger guns, so he waits for backup.

As the drone begins to target Waterloo station, the Prime Minister orders and immediate evacuation. Conversely,  Ian wants to evac camp Al-Harazzi considering the Drone is on auto-pilot and the CIA is on their rear ends. Margot informs Ian at gunpoint that they will stay to see this through. Although she doesn’t count on Jack Bauer repelling down the side of the building and throwing her son out of a fifth-floor window. Yeah, that happened.

Jack shoots Margot as she makes a move towards the Drone command station, but it’s too late as the drone has fired a missile locked onto Waterloo station. With 30 seconds left, Jack overrides the missile’s trajectory and sends it into the London river. Margot gives a passionate speech before Jack throws her out of a window. Yeah, that happened and it’s not even 7:30 yet. Jack still has time to make it home and watch "American Ninja Warrior."

President Heller is dropped off at the embassy where he reunites with his daughter, his cabinet and his British allies. Heller calls Jack, and publicly thanks him as CIA collects every last item at the Al-Harazzi compound.

Kate’s contact in the British police calls her, after he stumbled Jordan and the hitman’s dead bodies. Kate ignorantly calls Navarro who plays dumb when she tells him that Jordan’s dead. He calls Adrian in need of an escape route. In exchange, Adrian wants the doomsday device heading towards the CIA London station. For reasons we can’t know yet.

Kate and Erick confirm Jordan’s identity at the murder scene. British police then describe the most likely murder scene, which is described like a professional hit with an assassin so mysterious – only the CIA would know how to reach him, so she runs his finger prints.

Jack arrives at the CIA station and calls Chloe asking her to help dissect the doomsday device. Likely not wanting to return to the CIA HQ anytime soon, Chloe declines Jacks offer but says she had fun today playing cops and terrorists like old time’s sake. She hangs up and enters and iced out Mercedes with Adrian who’s happy to see her.

The doomsday device goes to a DOD analyst for safe keeping as Jack gets word about Jordan’s death. The assasin’s fingerprints comeback with an “O” code which Jack says is used for covert operatives whose ID is protected by the CIA. Meaning Jordan was killed by a pro. Jack forwards the finger prints to a friend at Langley – which puts Navarro on his heels.

As Langley searches the prints, Navarro stirs like a puppy that just ate his master’s shoes. Jack slips out of the office to take a call from Audrey thanking him for saving her father. Navarro uses this opportunity to choke out the DOD analyst and steal the device.

Jack’s contact stateside finds out the hit man and figures out he used to work for a certain Steve Navarro. The same Steve Navarro that is in possession of a device not just capable of hacking US Drones, but just about every defense system in possession of the United States. Jack puts two and two together and begins to pursue Navarro, unfortunately having to pistol whip a security guard while going after him.

Navarro takes off as fast as anybody I’ve ever seen run in a full suit and dress shoes. He calls Adrien who stops by a British Petroleum station and gives him a rendezvous point. Chloe asks what’s the next move …she’s so naïve.


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