'24: Live Another Day' recap, '6:00-7:00 p.m.'

'24: Live Another Day' recap, '6:00-7:00 p.m.'
President Heller (William Devane, L) and Audrey (Kim Raver, R) spend time together. (Chris Raphael/FOX)

The following takes place between 6:00-7:00 p.m.

An unconscious Simone Al-Harazzi is stretchered into CIA headquarters, after Jack Bauer and Katie Morgan broke her out of the hospital and just narrowly evaded multiple drone strikes by Al-Harazzi's mum.


Station Chief and closet jerkwad Erik Navarro wants to know if there's any way she can be interrogated while in a coma with a swollen brain. The doctor is not relenting; best-case scenario would be to inject her with something, but of course it would take about an hour or so to stabilize her. Tease.

Back at Camp Al-Harazzi, Margot informs her minion Ian that President Heller has agreed to surrender should Margot destroy all of the drones in her possession. While serious doubt is raised about the validity of the President's promise, Margot seems to believe him.

While Jack waits to meet with the President, Agent Morgan tells Jack what's going on with Simone. He tells Chloe they're running out of time (as always) and she needs to pressure the doctor into allowing CIA agents to interrogate Simone – regardless of what happens to her. So much for "Do not harm."

OK, so remember when I told you Navarro was secretly a jerk? That's because he planted evidence framing Katie Morgan's husband for treason. What's worse, when Jordan – our favorite dorky analyst – began stumbling onto clues, Navarro had him shot in the back last week. But now the assassin can't seem to find the body. Jordan runs away, leaving a trail of crumbs and – terrible news – his iPhone is soaked. Now he'll never get a replacement under warranty.

Heller informs Jack of his conversation with Margot. Heller shows up at centerfield in Wembley stadium. Al-Harazzi (hesitantly) swears on her husband's soul that she'll destroy all of the drones. Jack respectfully tells POTUS that this is a dumb idea, the U.S. leads England in Group Stage points as of an hour ago, what do the Brits know about soccer?!

He then quotes Regan, reminding the Alzheimer's-stricken Heller that the U.S. does NOT negotiate with terrorists. Heller decides to resign the presidency and surrender himself as a citizen, preventing any more civilian casualties.

Jack then decides that there finally IS more time and refuses to believe they're out of better options. Heller uses this warm and fuzzy moment to tell Jack that he is losing his memory and will be forced to resign the presidency sooner or later. He asks Jack to smuggle him to Wembley Stadium without telling anybody, not even his daughter.


Heller talks to Mark, who also thinks his idea is stupid.

Jack calls Agent Morgan and chastises her for not pressing the coma interrogation. He tells Kate about Heller's status, so Kate walks in and pulls a gun on the doctor to give Simone the shot to wake her up.

Kate rants to a half-conscious Simone and guilt-trips her into giving up the address of Camp Al-Harazzi. With her last breath, she tells Kate that Navid left a disc with critical information in the floor board of the compound.

Heller and Mark walk in together; neither seems to like the idea of working together. They come up with a plan. Kate calls Jack about the info from Simone.

Meanwhile, POTUS stumbles into Audrey's office in an attempt at one final father-daughter moment, complete with old pictures and bad jokes. But President Heller still does not tell his only daughter what's about to happen.



Out of the break, Mark has the chess pieces set and Jack coordinates with POTUS for their escape.

Meanwhile, Jordan calls into the CIA station. He tells Navarro he's been shot and gives his boss his exact location. Navarro relays this back to the assassin to hopefully finish the job.

Jack then cuts out the President's tracking chip. Jack Bauer is a multi-talented man, but a surgeon he is not. Heller then puts on the same baseball cap used by every old white guy sneaking out of a sticky situation in primetime television history. The two make their way out, although Jack has to knock out a wandering secret service agent in the process.


Jack and POTUS arrive at the helipad, where a 10-minute ride separates them from Wembley.

Meanwhile, Jordan ambushes his would-be assassin with a lead pipe. Honestly, where did they find this killer, at the discount assassin store? How could a data analyst evade his first dance with death and then get the higher ground on a "professional" hitman while he has a bullet in his own shoulder?

Jordan takes both of his assailant's guns, questions him, but hesitates to pull the trigger. The killer pounces on him and thrusts a blade into his chest, Jordan gets two shots off with his last ounce of strength.

The TAC team has stormed the former Al-Harazzi compound and found Navid's disc drive. The contents are sent to Agent Morgan, who can't seem to find Jordan. An agent named Leonard is at Reed's work station and forwards the contents to Chloe. Morgan asks Navarro if he knows where Jordan went; Navarro plays stupid.

The Al-Harazzi squad has relocated and is now back online, working out of what looks like a hotel room or a Madison Avenue office building with some 1970's furnishings.

Jack and Heller arrive at Wembley just in time for Chloe to call him. The contents of Navid's drive may have a way into the system, but it won't be easy to hack, especially while working out of a pub. It could be worse; she could be trying to work out of a Starbucks while half-asleep zombies chastise their baristas and their kids scream demands for cake pops and hot chocolate!


Navarro gets a call from Adrian and assures his underground associate that Jordan has been dealt with. Cross then calls Chloe and unsuccessfully tries to patch their relationship.

Mark arrives at the President's room looking for Audrey, who is already inside – with her father's last note to her. She soon discovers that Mark not only knew, but assisted the president in his hair-brained scheme. She emotionally berates her husband, who tries to calm her down and explain how hard it was for him.

Jack and Heller say their goodbyes. Heller informs Jack that he's given him a pardon of all previous crimes and any crimes that have transpired today. Just then, Chloe calls with some progress, but not enough to stop the president from walking on field, which in itself is a crime punishable by a lifetime ban from EPL games going forward.

Al-Harazzi & Co. see Heller onscreen and cannot believe their eyes when they see the president has lived up to his end of the bargain. Margot insists she be the one to pull the trigger, locks on target and fires away. The target is determined "Destroyed."

7:00:00 p.m.