'Revenge' recap: Season finale, 'Reckoning'

'Revenge' recap: Season finale, 'Reckoning'
With the end in sight, Emily fearlessly pushes forward, closing in on the final phases of her plan for revenge, while the Graysons continue their downward spiral into the rabbit hole of self-destruction. But a big, explosive event leaves much hanging in the balance, courses are altered and even more is left in question, on the Season Finale of "Revenge." (Eric McCandless, ABC)

I hope everyone has taken a few moments to collect themselves after that spectacular finale.

Midway through, I was a bit worried as the episode was beginning to seem more like a series finale than a season finale. However, the last 15 minutes provided everything a good finale should: suspense, murder, a love triangle (quadrangle!), a drug overdose, break-ups (bonus points for calling off an engagement), a conniving friend, heart break, a parent finding their child unconscious, unplanned pregnancy, a declaration of "never speak to me again" followed by a quick hang up, an engagement, a serious accident (plane instead of car, way to go big!), terrorism, secret societies and the discovery that a formerly believed dead parent is actually alive! I've watched enough episodes of "The O.C.," "Gossip Girl,""Grey's Anatomy" and "Desperate Housewives"to know what makes a successful season finale, and somehow the writers of "Revenge"managed to sneak every single one of them into tonight's episode. Kudos to them.

The most important topic to discuss is the Daniel-Emily-Jack-Amanda love quadrangle. First of all, is the baby definitely Jack's? Amanda doesn't have the best track record so it seems like a reasonable doubt. Emily was finally relaxed and seemed happy at the idea of her secret being over (I wonder if she would have told everyone, or just left it as a little secret between her and Jack?), but when she and Nolan were cheers-ing champagne with 20 minutes left in the episode, it was clear it wasn't going to end so smoothly. And although there is more to the story than Daniel realized, a couple breaking up their engagement six months after first meeting because they feel they've changed and don't know who each other, is actually quite likely. The real shock would have been if they ended up staying together.

Ultimately the biggest win of the episode was seeing Emily actually show emotion — even real tears. Jack was the one person who she had not connived against and had no secret agenda or plots, and sadly it was the one time Emily's plan did not go according to plan. I genuinely felt sorry for Emily, which was a first for the season.

Allowing the white-haired man to live was another hint of Emily showing compassion, though, unfortunately for her, this backfired when he blew up the plane with all of the evidence to exonerate her father. Though she couldn't have predicted that, I was surprised she managed to make it out of his house alive. He also now knows her identity, and knows her relation with the Graysons, and knows that she is smart enough to steal the evidence, and frame him for it to the Graysons. So it's hard to imagine that won't come back to haunt her next season.

And it wouldn't be a recap without a final note for our favorite characters:

Emily: Bonus points for showing her softer side this episode. Now that we know a terrorist group was involved in killing her father and somehow hiding her mother, I am guessing we will not be seeing this side of her again.

Nolan: "Oh, Em.. Gee".  Quite a nice play on her name there! Also, some parting advice, let's work on the creepy smile for season two.

Daniel: Emily summed up his change of heart this season best: "you've become everything you never wanted to be.. a Grayson".  Basically.

Victoria: The crazy eyes (and odd mouth) really came out this episode. I honestly can't imagine the show without her manipulating every situation, who else would give their future daughter-in-law an empty box?

Conrad: I believe at one point I argued in a recap that he was nice and Victoria was the evil one. Apparently, I was slightly off.

Charlotte: Poor girl had everyone worried about her, though for all of their worry she managed to only interact with her ex boyfriend for most of the episode. Someone give this girl a hug!

White Haired Man: For all his wrongs, it was pretty nice that he allowed Emily to chlorophyll herself.

Ashley: Many points to Ashley for managing to connive her way from Victoria's assistant to running PR for Grayson Global to… Daniel's bed? She seems to be plotting a new way to get into that Hampton's lifestyle she was pining after in episode one.

Jack: How do I manage to feel so sad for him and excited for him at the same time?

Amanda: For all her faults, the girl has got some excellent timing.

Lydia: Can't blame her for feeling a little pressure from the threat "It will make your taxi cab bounce look like a trip to San Tropez". Also, good choice in not taking Conrad up on his offer to have his driver take her "All the way to Philadelphia". From New York City, Philadelphia is closer than the Hamptons, not such a great offer.

The episode left off with some quality cliff-hangers, and I'm ready to fast forward through a summer at the Hamptons (ha, I wish) to get next season started. Things will step up when the antagonist goes from Victoria Grayson to … a terrorist group! And now, the wait begins ...