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NBC Thursday Comedies: It's The End Of The World As We Know It

While Pawnee and Scranton deal with the impending apocalypse, the study group at Greendale deals with their daddy issues and Whitney and friends try to mend a severed bromance.

"Community": Pierce’s latest entrepreneurial endeavor is “Pride Wipes” and to promote these wipes, he has a “Gay Bash-” yup you read that right, a “Gay Bash.” This “Gay Bash” is promptly cancelled upon the arrival of his racist, homophobic, animal hating, Colonel Sanders look-a-like father who wears a creepy plastic wig. As it turns out, another member of the study group has daddy (or according to Brita “edible”) issues. Thankfully, Jeff organizes the party anyway so that we can see the Dean prancing around in all of his glory. All of the daddy issues culminate when Jeff literally kills Pierce’s father. Other random tidbits from the episode- Black Hitler is featured, Chang goes home with a tranny and Troy is a plumbing and air conditioning prodigy. I am left with two questions- What does John Goodman’s breath print smell like? (On second thought, no thanks, I’m good…) and what does a spaceman panini taste like?? 

"Parks and Rec": It is the end of the world in Pawnee according to local cult, the Reasonablists. This is the perfect opportunity for Tom and Jean-Ralphio throw bankrupt "entertainment 7/20"'s last party ever. Personally, I’m not too impressed; I think the “Snakejuice” premiere party definitely topped it. However, there was a drum line, so I’ll give it some credit. Leslie has some unresolved feelings for Ben, which result in her signature awkward, nonsensical rambling that are always good for a laugh. I could not get enough of Andy and April this episode. They solidified themselves as one of my favorite TV couples ever. April helped Andy fulfill his bucket list- from holding $1,000 in his hands to making the world’s best grilled cheese. Honestly, I got choked up when they pulled up to the Grand Canyon after an impromptu late night roadtrip. Random LOL moment for me was Chris Trager breaking the 4th wall to show respect for the Sheryl Crow-Lance Armstrong breakup.  It was a tough one for all of us.

"The Office": Doomsday has also arrived in Scranton with the implication of Dwight’s Accountability Booster. Of course Dundler-Mifflin couldn’t go a day without making five mistakes (especially with incompetent Andy as manager), but Dwight is such a softie that he couldn’t send the email to ruin the lives of the whole office. Gabe gets creepier and creepier with every episode. His most creepy moment- “I’m going to the cemetery to drink some wine.”  Yikes. Other highlights include Stanley singing Semisonic’s “Closing Time,” Jim looking dreamy in squash gear (though not so dreamy while actually playing squash) and this line from Andy to Dwight, “You are the deuce I never want to drop.” If that isn’t friendship, I don’t know what is.

"Whitney": This week, Mark and Alex’s bromance hits a speed bump. Whitney tries to cheer Alex up by partaking in the sacred bro Wingsday night ritual, but that backfires big time when she orders nuclear wings and chugs blue cheese dressing. I had to look away. Alex gets blackout drunk and feels up a pillow, who actually probably had more to offer in the chest department than Whitney. Mark deals with the breakup by making Neil his new BFF, but that means that Neil, the token Indian friend, has to wear a Redskins jersey. That's just not right. Thankfully, order is restored to the universe and Alex and Mark make up in typical bro fashion- “Sorry I was being a tool, man.” 

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