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From Sun Magazine: Do it like Duff

Duff Goldman's workouts aren't for the faint of heart.

In a regimen designed by his Los Angeles-based trainer David Muller, Goldman splits his time down the middle between cardio and strength training — his passion lies with the muscle stuff.

Lately, Goldman says, his gym time isn't just a means to an end. He calls it "church," where he can get away from the white noise of life and concentrate on himself.

"It's really working for me," he says. "Whatever this guy's telling me, I'm doing it."

That means getting up early, swigging down vitamins and a protein shake, then slipping on his favorite Ravens jersey and riding to Gold's Gym in Venice on his motorcycle.


He starts with a half-hour of cardio — usually on an exercise bike or a treadmill. (He's tried an elliptical machine but finds it uncomfortable.)


Once warmed up, it's at least an hour of nonstop weight lifting. Low weights. Lots of reps. Little rest.

Squats. Cleans. Deadlifts. He uses free weights and barbells along with weight machines.

"My legs are on fire," Goldman says. "There are times I will get up from a machine and I will fall over. But it feels so good. You can feel your muscles squeezing the toxins out of your body. It's one of the best feelings ever."

Then comes his least favorite part of the workout: Abs. He says he "hates it with a passion," actually, and has come close to getting sick a couple of times.


At the end, if he has time, it's a half hour of Muay Thai, a Thai martial art.

A couple of times a week Goldman will do what he calls "two-a-days," meaning, a second, small workout when he gets home from work. Typically, that's a jog or laps in the pool.

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