Interview tease: Elizabeth Banks on her MTV Movie Awards acceptance speech and the 'Wet Hot American Summer' prequel

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In a few weeks I'll post my full Q&A with Elizabeth Banks, star of "People Like Us," opening June 29. We covered a ton of topics, so here is a taste with just a few: How the actress' husband felt about her cozying up to the "Magic Mike" cast at the MTV Movie Awards and news on the rumored prequel to "Wet Hot American Summer."

I asked readers what I should ask you today, and @ItsJustJill55 wanted to know what your husband thought of what happened during your MTV Movie Awards acceptance speech with you and the "Magic Mike" cast. As @ItsJustJill55 put it, “the hot and heavy on stage.”

[Laughs] The hot and heavy? I love that they think we got so hot and heavy. He’s used to my shenigans, A. B. It was all in good fun. And C. He was much more concerned that when they panned away to the shot of him, it was not him. It was actually my agent. So he never got on television, which I think was a relief to him in a big way.

Tell me about the “Wet Hot American Summer” prequel. Has there been any news on that?

I can tell you certain things. Because I have had conversations about it. It exists. It’s real, people. It’s not like Bigfoot. It’s for real.

Bigfoot’s not real?

No, Bigfoot is real. You just don’t get to see him. I’ve actually seen something that gives me evidence that this is real. I have no idea if it’ll ever come together, but it takes place on the New Year's Eve just prior to the summer at camp.


FYI: We also talked about what we should learn about her character Lindsay's past in the prequel, but we'll save that for the full story.

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