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Super Bowl national anthem bets overturned due to controversial rule

We’ve got an old-fashioned betting controversy brewing in the Super Bowl prop bets.

Gladys Knight’s national anthem rendition came in at 2 minutes 1 second, easily clearing the most common betting line of 1 minute 50 seconds. The over pays.

Except upon further review, the singer appears to have said “brave” twice.

Why does this matter? Since a similar controversy in 2011 in which Christina Aguilera also sang “brave” twice, books now pay based on the first utterance.

Bovada has changed its official time to 1 minute 49 seconds.

Various books had different lines, but the vast majority of the betting action seemed to be coming in on the over, with several books either moving the line upward, as high as 1 minute 55 seconds, or charging a higher price to bet the over. Nearly all of those over bets would lose to the amended time.

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