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Chance the Rapper remixes Backstreet Boys' 'I Want It That Way' in bizarre Doritos Super Bowl ad


If you combine Chance the Rapper and Backstreet Boys, you get, well, probably a really expensive Super Bowl ad.

The rapper and the legendary boy band teamed up for a confusing rendition of “I Want It That Way” to promote Doritos’ flaming hot nacho chips.

Cut in between a dizzying montage of neon cars, a matching plane and some truly old-school choreography, the remixed song was supposed to represent the new snack: “The original, now it’s hot.”

Doritos typically pulls out impressive Super Bowl ads, but there’s something about Chance rapping “Hot stuff all over my nachos/Walkin’ like a taco/Driving over potholes/Hotter than a pot roast” that’s more uncomfortable than anything.

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