Sound Garden named one of the country's best record stores by Billboard

Sound Garden, the Fells Point staple and all-around awesome record store, has received another national accolade. In its latest issue, Billboard magazine named the Baltimore shop one of the top 13 independent record stores in the country.

Here's what writer Hilary Hughes wrote about Sound Garden:

Five thousand people rifle through the shelves and stacks of the Sound Garden on an average day. That number doubles on Record Store Day, and owner Bryan Burkert and his staff work a 14-hour stretch to ensure the in-stores go smoothly — this year, Baltimore’s Clutch will be performing — and get patrons the limited pressings they need. “It fills up an entire room, the amount of new product that comes in,” Burkert says.

The issue, which focuses on record-store culture in honor of Saturday's Record Store Day, is on stands now. There's a story on vinyl resurgence, which doesn't mention Sound Garden, but perhaps it should have. Burkert recently told Midnight Sun that vinyl sales have been extremely strong lately — to the point that he doesn't have enough inventory to stay fully stocked. FYI: Sound Garden also buys vinyl from customers.  

National recognition isn't new to Sound Garden. In September 2010, Rolling Stone named it the second best record store in America.

Is Sound Garden the best record store in the country? Are there more worthy shops in the area? Let us know in the comments.

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