The Brewer's Art to rename Ozzy beer

For the last few weeks, the future of The Brewer's Art's Ozzy beer has been in question because of a recent cease-and-desist letter from representatives of rock singer Ozzy Osbourne. Finally, co-owner Tom Creegan put the rumors to rest on Wednesday afternoon.

"We have agreed to change the name and packaging for the beer formerly known as Ozzy," Creegan said. He declined to elaborate further on the situation between Osbourne's camp and the beer company, but confirmed only the name and packaging were changing — not the recipe. 

The Brewer's Art is asking patrons for help in naming the soon-to-be-rebranded beer. Between now and April 20, customers can submit names in-person at the North Charles Street bar. (Suggestions made online will not be considered.)

Creegan said naming a beer, especially today, is more difficult than some might expect.

"There are so many breweries now, and so many beers being made," he said. "We get on the beer sites and look [potential names] up, and the ones we like are taken."

While a date has yet to be set for the official renaming, Creegan expects it to happen quickly.

"It's just been one of those things that's been lingering, and it has to happen," Creegan said. "We just need to get moving on it."

As of now, the winner of the naming contest will receive "eternal gratitude and bragging rights," he said. He also offered a couple tips: Avoid plays on the name Ozzy, as the company is searching for "a new direction." Also, ownership remains fond of the pitchfork tap-handle that has been used upstairs to serve Ozzy.

"We've had it forever," Creegan said. "Something that can incorporate that would be pretty cool." 

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