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Jacques au Lantern by Evolution Craft Brewing Co., Salisbury

ABV: 6.3 percent Tom Knorr does not like sweet beers, so Evolution's Jacques au Lantern infuses a spicy flavor by fermenting the beer with a Belgian yeast rather than a traditional American ale yeast. Add pumpkin-pie spices like nutmeg and cinnamon, and the result is a beverage made more for beer drinkers than pumpkin-spice obsessives. "A lot of pumpkin beers I can't drink more than half a pint because they're so sweet," Knorr said. "[Jacques au Lantern] is a great beer because it's more dry than sweet. It still tastes like beer." Knorr is blown away by the pumpkin-spice craze. Evolution more than doubled its production of Jacques au Lantern from last year to 2014, he said, and it remains a surefire hit at Evolution tasting presentations throughout the mid-Atlantic region. "It doesn't seem like it's slowing down. It's kind of crazy to me," Knorr said. "One hundred percent of the time when we do a tasting, people are going to buy it. I wish I would have made another 2,000 cases of it." Where to find it: Birroteca (1520 Clipper Road, Hampden), Nickel Taphouse (1604 Kelly Ave., Mount Washington), Phillips Seafood (601 E. Pratt St., Inner Harbor) and other area bars.
Evolution Craft Brewing Co. / Handout
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