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Baltimore breweries aim to raise prostate cancer awareness with new caps

Heavy Seas, DuClaw look to raise awareness of prostate cancer with new beer caps.

Two Baltimore-area breweries — Rosedale’s DuClaw Brewing Company and Halethorpe’s Heavy Seas Beer — have partnered with the nonprofit organization Pints for Prostates to raise awareness and promote discussion about prostate cancer, said the organization’s founder, Rick Lyke. 

More than 40 breweries from around the country are participating in Pints for Prostates’ “Crowns for a Cure” program, which replaces the companies’ normal beer caps — known in the beverage trade as crowns — with caps that have printed messages like “Get Tested!” and “Survivors Drink More Beer!” DuClaw and Heavy Seas are the only breweries from Maryland participating. 

The program’s goal is to not only remind customers about prostate cancer examinations, but to facilitate a conversation many men like to avoid, said Lyke, who is based in Charlotte, N.C. The longtime beer writer, who is a prostate cancer survivor, started Pints for Prostates in 2008.  

“Guys just don’t like to talk about their health, and certainly don’t like to talk about prostate cancer and getting an exam,” Lyke said on the phone Tuesday. “I think this is a new avenue to reach guys and really start conversations.” 

More than 1.6 million “Crowns for a Cure” bottle caps will be used during the program, and consumers should begin to see the caps in September, which is National Prostate Cancer Awareness Month. 

“Crowns for a Cure” urges consumers to post photos of the caps on social media using the hashtag #CrownsforaCure to further spread awareness, Lyke said. Homebrewers interested in ordering their own “Crowns” caps can purchase them from homebrew supplier Northern Brewer.

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