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College nights return to the Inner Harbor

The Baltimore Sun

College nights have quietly returned to the Inner Harbor.

Bourbon Street moved its college nights to the new Baltimore Soundstage earlier this month, the first time college nights have been held at the Inner Harbor since 2006, when they were banned over outcry from city and public officials about underage drinking.

College nights at Bourbon Street were moved because the club is getting ready to close September 30. The last party was held September 1.

General manager Sam Chaney said the parties will be held once a month instead of weekly, like at Bourbon Street. "It's not what we are," he said. "Bourbon Street was associated with the college crowd. We're more of a venue."

Already, two college nights - a 'college night crush party' on September 15 and a college social on September 24 - have been held at Soundstage.

Soundstage now only has one 21+ event - the Friday night party hosted by 92Q DJ Konan, Chaney said. Concerts are open to all ages and DJ events - which include college parties - are 18 and over.

Clubs in the Inner Harbor banned college nights in 2006 after several of them were fined for serving alcohol to minors. In March 2006, two bars at Power Plant Live were cited $800 for serving alcohol to minors, prompting the complex to ban college nights.

And in July 2006, Iguana Cantina, which went on to become Mist and later Soundstage, was fined $1,000 for allowing a minor to consume an alcoholic beverage.

Iguana Cantina's managers - who then went to Bourbon Street - were able to retain the club's liquor license by ending its college nights, which had become too difficult to police for underage drinking, then manager Dave Adams told the Baltimore Liquor Board.

The events then became a weekly, 18+ party at Bourbon Street. The last party was held October 1 and featured a "$12 bottomless cup with college ID."

At Soundstage, the prices have been lowered: "$8 bottomless cup before 10 p.m. with college ID."

On October 1, the club will host the traveling Dayglow Tour, dubbed "America's Largest Paint Party." It's been sold out for weeks.

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