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Best Baltimore bars 2016

Falling into a routine can be easy, especially when it comes to the bar scene in Baltimore.

All imbibers are “regulars” somewhere, and it's convenient to lean on what's familiar or what's in your comfort zone. For a lot of us, it's what's in walking distance.

We all have and need “our” spots, but consider this year's best bars list a reminder to fight that urge sometimes. In all of our neighborhoods, there are wonderful establishments — many of which weren't included here because of space. Below, you'll find my Top 25 bars for 2016, and while I stand by each selection, my sincere hope is you'll merely read it as a starting point. (Many of the spots on the Best Restaurants list have bars worthy of inclusion here, but we did our best to limit overlap.)

Just like our dining scene, the city's bars continue to make significant strides in all sorts of ways, from service to cocktail concepts and their execution.

It's always a good time for a drink in Baltimore.

Wesley Case
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