Who'll offer the first earthquake drinks special? Step right up Power Plant Live!

The Baltimore Sun

In the middle of an earthquake, some people might think to evacuate, or to crouch in a doorway, or to tweet a joke about where you were when THE EARTHQUAKE struck.

Some bars and restaurants see a golden, God-sent even, juicy marketing opportunity. Already the Power Plant Live bars are offering earthquake drink specials.

"It's Tremor Tuesday at Power Plant Live!" the Inner Harbor venue said in a tweet. "$2.50 domestics tonight at Mex..Let's shake things up a bit." Original! Also? $2.50? The earth shook and you can't even offer a beer for a buck?

One can only imagine the rationale: Let's not go crazy. It was only 5.8.

Not to be outdone, the Rams Head Group tweeted: "Please join us for AFTERSHOCK Happy Hour!!"

Who else have you seen plugging their bars' earthquake specials?

More bar specials: No Idea gleefully status updated unspecified earthquake specials and Alonso's & Loco Hombre will offer half off shaken drinks after 4 p.m. Tuesday night.

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