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Baltimore at South by Southwest 2012 [Pictures]

Dan Deacon's playing a gazillion shows. Dope Body are scheduled to spaz out at five different venues. Lower Dans are pulling a characteristic marathon, playing five shows over the span of three days. It would be easy to mistake Austin, Texas this week with a regular weekend in Baltimore. The same could be said for a lot of other cities. Everyone with a new album or gadget to sell, from tiny bands to tone-deaf wireless peddlers to New York Times editors, is in Austin for the annual gab-athon and nerd love-in known as South by Southwest, all hoping to reach millenials, reporters, influencers, Instagrammers, and whatever passes as the hot demographic this year -- we believe it's Juggalos? Your twitter feed is no doubt teeming with #sxsw hashtags, everyone imparting their latest observations about the open bars and the Mashable deal and the stupid panels -- though if you ask us, "Jeffrey Tambor's Acting Workshop" sounds awesome. Loads of locals are in town too for the music festival, which kicked off Tuesday. It's a smaller contingent than last year, but here's a guide to Baltimore at SxSW. Next week, Josh Sisk will have pictures from their shows. --Erik Maza and Wesley Case
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