This week 16 years ago, Santana won big at the Grammys; Microsoft released Windows 2000; David Letterman returned to host his talk show after quintuple heart bypass surgery; "The Whole Nine Yards" topped the box office; and the following songs were the most popular in the U.S., according to Billboard's Hot 100 chart archive.

10. "Show Me the Meaning of Being Lonely," Backstreet Boys

The Backstreet Boys hurt, too.

9. "Bring it All to Me," Blaque

In super-2000s news, the album version of this track featured JC Chasez of 'NSYNC singing the "baggy jeans and thug appeal" line.

8. "Maria Maria," Santana featuring the Product G&B

This was No. 1 for 10 (!) weeks. And it wasn't Santana's biggest hit of the year (see No. 5).

7. "Hot Boyz," Missy Elliott featuring Nas and Eve

I wish I had a "featuring" credit this year, especially if it was for a song by Missy Elliott.

6. "All the Small Things," Blink-182

In keeping with official 2000 music rules, "All the Small Things" accounted for the 5 percent semi-punk that mixed in with boy bands, R&B, and Santana.

5. "Smooth," Santana featuring Rob Thomas

If you were actually 7 inches from the midday sun you would explode. The Science Channel taught me that. Confession: I've run out of interesting things to say about "Smooth."

4. "Get It On Tonite," Montell Jordan

Hard pass, Montell.

3. "What a Girl Wants," Christina Aguilera

This was Aguilera in her subtle phase.

2. "I Knew I Loved You," Savage

There are two types of people: Those who think this song is super romantic and touching and those who think it's weird and sort of ... icky ("A thousand angels dance around you." Uh, sure). Guess which one I am!?

1. "Thank God I Found You," Mariah Carey featuring Joe and 98 Degrees

Also featuring: Carey phoning it in. "Thank God I Found You," garnering not-kind reviews from critics, would be her last No. 1 until 2005's "We Belong Together."