Ringing the Bull

Hard Yacht Cafe 8500 Cove Road, Dundalk. 443-407-0038, hardyacht.com Free to play Thought to be at least 900 years old, Ringing the Bull was brought to Europe by Crusaders returning from Jerusalem. The game consists of a ring -- traditionally a bull's nose ring -- hung from the ceiling on a string, and a hook attached to a pole several feet away. Contestants attempt to swing the ring on an arc and land it on the hook. It's just that simple -- at least, in principle. Landing the ring on the hook can be quite tricky, especially after a few drinks. Hard Yacht owner Art Cox got the idea from establishments in the Caribbean, where the game is known as the Bimini Ring Game, he said. There are no formal leagues that engage in Ringing the Bull at Hard Yacht. But there is good news for the little ones. "We let kids play and give them free ice cream sandwiches if they get the ring onto the hook on the first try," Cox said. Pictured: An example of Ringing the Bull

Handout courtesy mastersgames.com
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