Billo the Hoodrockstar

Hometown: Baltimore

Current members: William Lunsford

Founded in: 2000

Style: hip-hop

Influenced by: Nas, the Wu Tang Clan, Redman, Jay-Z, KRS-One

Notable: Billo's second solo album, Daily Grind Vol. 2, dropped in September. So far, he has sold 1,700 copies in local record stores and out of the trunk of his car. He's one of five artists on the For the People Entertainment label.

Quotable: "Volume 1 kind of got the ball rolling, but this one -- I overdid it, if I must say so myself," Billo said. "We got a lot of response on it, and a lot of doors started opening up on this one. People started to take notice. More shows were coming in. The response on it was overwhelming."

The artist: