Hometown: Oella

Current members: Bill Hamilton, guitar, background vocals; Carl Gehrman, vocals, keyboard; Dan Klein, drums; Jason Crebs, guitar; Tim Clifton, base guitar, backup vocals

Founded in: 1996

Style: Hard rock

Influenced by: Led Zeppelin and Metallica

Notable: This band started playing together when most of the members were in school together at Catonsville High School ("We were all nerds and dorks in the higher-level classes," said drummer Dan Klein). They kept practicing and performing though college. And a new album is due this fall.

Quotable: Klein on how long a band should stay together: "It depends on what kind of drugs the band is doing -- if you do a lot of drugs it just withers away at your body, and you're not going to be at your peak."

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-- Annie Linskey