Hometown: Baltimore

Current Members: Ichelle Cole, vocals and keyboards; Yvonne Deane-Hibbert, vocals; Teresa Jones, bass; Leslie James, drums; Daryll Burke, keyboards; Ricky "Swan" Richardson, guitar; Miguel Aubertin, vocals.

Founded in: 1985

Style: reggae

Influenced by: Bob Marley

Notable: Members of this band, many of whom hail from various Caribbean islands, have over the years made it their mission to entertain and educate music fans about the message and meaning of reggae.

Quotable: Cole on enlightening the local masses: "Not everybody knows about Caribbean music. And my band, we kind of break it down. [We] tell them about the music. [Reggae is about] being educated and being involved and participating in [the scene]."

Web site: www.strykersposse.com. -- Sarah Schaffer