The Players

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Hometown: Baltimore

Current members: Andy Schneider, drums; Dan Schneider, vocals and guitar; Jason Booze, vocals and percussion; Joe Ross, bass; Mike Gorman, saxophone; Dave Blackstone, trombone and Nick Reider, trumpet.

Founded in: 1999

Style: ska/reggae/jazz/rock

Influenced by: The Skatalites, 311, Sublime.

Notable: This seven-piece act was formed five years ago, during a time when high-school band geeks in every corner of the country were playing out and cashing in on ska's most recent wave of mainstream popularity.

But when Good Charlotte and other quasi-punk boy bands sounded a noisy death knell for Jamaican-styled pop - after American teens' love affair with ska-influenced groups such as Reel Big Fish, Save Ferris and Goldfinger was over - the Players proved their undying devotion to the genre and kept on skanking.

Since then, the local act has done its part to keep the scene alive, tirelessly touring the mid-Atlantic region and opening for ska legends such as the Mighty Mighty Bosstones and the Pietasters.

Quotable: Andy Schneider on quitting vs. staying in the game: "I don't think [breaking up] once crossed our minds. The fact that the scene was folding [was not] ... going to have any effect on our decision to play. It's about playing music that we want to play and playing with people who we admire."

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- Sarah Schaffer

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