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The Reagan Years

Sun Staff

Hometown: Frederick

Current members: Michael Leigh, vocals; Karen Ellison, vocals, keyboard; Lenny Everett, vocals, bass; Glenn Riley, guitar, vocals; Sy Seyler; vocals, drums.

Founded in: 1996

Style: '80s tribute band

Influenced by: All types of '80s music, including new wave, hair metal, pop and rock.

Notable: The Reagan Years sees itself as a tribute band -- not a cover band. In Seyler's words: "A cover band will play other people's material; a tribute band really tries to re-create the original recording."

Quotable: Seyler on where the band picks up its '80s garb: "Unfortunately some of us have it in our closet still. But, eBay is awesome for picking up that stuff. You can buy legwarmers, paisley stuff, skinny ties, tab collars, Chuck Taylor sneakers (a la Fast Times at Ridgemont High) and torn jeans."

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-- Annie Linskey

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