Hometown: Pasadena

Current members: Ben Cowdery, drums; Joey Harkum, vocals and guitar; Aaron Hooper, bass; Will Finley, lead guitar; Matthew Richey, vocals; Ray Wroten, vocals; Geoff Burroughs, trumpet

Founded in:2001

Style: acoustic indie rock

Influenced by: Sublime, Flogging Molly, Johnny Cash, Operation Ivy, Bob Marley

Notable: To celebrate the release of its first packaged CD, Pasadena is throwing a bash in Sonar's lounge and on its club stage. A number of local bands will perform, there will be an art show and the first 100 people there get a free beer. The band refuses to play live covers.

Quotable: "We tell them nicely that we don't do that," Harkum said. "If we're all going to come out and set up and play -- we have four hours of original material -- we'd rather be playing our own material than someone else's stuff. It's more fun that way for us."

The artist: