Dog Fashion Disco

Hometown: Baltimore

Current members: Todd Smith, vocals; Jasan Stepp, guitar; Brian White, bass; Jeff Siegel, keyboard; John Ensminger, drums

Founded in: 2002

Style: progressive metal rock

Influenced by: System of a Down, Tool, Clutch, Frank Zappa

Notable: The band released its most recent album, Adultery, in the spring of 2006, and recently decided to call it quits. Some of the members will continue to write together, and the band will perform one final show at Sonar on Saturday, Jan. 13.

Quotable: "Honestly, it's kind of heartbreaking," White said. "I'd rather not see it go away. I'm definitely going to miss playing with the guys and writing with them. It is bittersweet. I feel like we're going out on a good note with Adultery. I guess in a sense it is burning out and not fading away."

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