Dark Horse Saloon 2324 Boston St., 443-449-7075, League meets 7 p.m.-10 p.m. Thursdays; $55 per individual, $660 for teams up to 12 people.

When Marc McFaul took over the Canton Arts and Entertainment space last year, people wondered what he’d do with all the room upstairs. The answer? Cornhole.

Settlers got the idea for cornhole from American Indians, who used to throw beanbags at a large board with holes cut into it -- though the original beanbags were dried pig bladders filled with real beans. These days, the beanbags are (thankfully) made of canvas, but little else has changed about the game.

The Baltimore Sports and Social League uses the space for a Thursday cornhole league (there's also Skee-Ball on Wednesdays). Turnout averages at least 75 people. Dark Horse features drink specials for league members, including $2 domestics and $6 pitchers.

Pictured: Jenny Schleiger, left, cheers while playing cornhole with Matthew Peterson at the 2011 Beer, Bourbon and Barbeque Festival.

Steve Ruark, Baltimore Sun
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