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"It's intoxicating. If you do well and you're up there for 10 minutes, people are going to tell you that they like you 30 times by laughing."
--Joe Robinson

"Baltimore audiences can be anything and everything. It is a study in extremes. Black, white, rich, poor, blue collar, white collar, urban, redneck, hippies, college kids, old people, intellectuals, bohemians, NASCAR, hip-hop, metal heads, punk, gothic, old school, you name it. And every last one of them wants to escape. They want to have a good time and a drink (or 6)."
--Larry XL

"In the late '80s, they had buck-a-yuck shows. It was six comedians for $6. I would host those shows."
--Joe Recca

"I loved the idea of being able to make people laugh just by talking or acting goofy. When I found out I could make money doing it, it was a lot easier than swinging a hammer or, you know, working."
--Mickey Cucchiella

"Just before I got into comedy, I was at a crossroads in my life. I was beginning training for Full Contact Fighting. I liked the effect of making people laugh more than inflicting pain I guess."
--John "Spider" Lutz

"I kind of joked my way through school and never took much seriously, but then you start really getting into it. I just don't like working for people and being told what to do."
--Doug Powell

"You get to perform and feel like you're a superstar in your own town."
--Timmy Hall

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