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The best thing about the 2019 Maryland Film Festival is ...

We asked five veteran attendees of the Maryland Film Festival to say what they liked most about Baltimore’s annual celebration of cinema.

“My favorite thing is the ‘John Waters presents...’ That is something I absolutely look forward to every year. John always picks a pretty outlandishly wonderful film.”

Debbie Donaldson Dorsey, Director, Baltimore Film Office

“One thing I love is you see everybody down there, especially the cinephiles. These are people I would love to see come down to Station North to see movies every weekend. It’s just so exciting to see so many people there, and they’re all movie lovers.”

Linda DeLibero, senior lecturer in film and media studies at Johns Hopkins University

“I like that there’s not a lot of pressure, that it’s very filmmaker-centric. And I like the filmmaker meet-up (a reception for filmmakers). It’s a very candid, kind of unfiltered space for artists to really share the things that you just don’t share in public spaces...That just doesn’t happen in a lot of other (festivals).”

Elissa Blount Moorhead, Baltimore-based artist and filmmaker

“We started getting sick of a lot of the teen movies that ran before October every year, the wild ‘Transformer’ movies and the superhero movies and the car-chase movies and stuff. This was a breath of fresh air, because there are so many different kinds of films, and they recognized how much creativity there is.”

Taylor Branch, Pulitzer Prize-winning author

“It’s in my hometown and I get to see movies — I always like to be au courant, I like to see them first. Sometimes, they end up on my 10-best list.”

John Waters, author, filmmaker

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