Fourth screen opens at Rotunda Cinemas with "Tyler's Perry's Madea's Witness Protection."

Baltimore's al fresco film festivals draw top crowds even on dog days.

Poly students' 'Health, Interrupted,' about teacher's struggle with MS, makes Baltimore High School Film Festival.

John Waters narrates 'Of Dolls And Murder,' story of the Nutshell Studies of Unexplained Death

Heartbreaking horror and other gore

The moviemakers behind "Crooked Arrows" take square aim at making a "Mighty Ducks with lacrosse."

It took a superhero's efforts to help bring the first lacrosse feature to the screen

'Better Living Through Chemistry' brings Liotta, Wilde, Rockwell and Monaghan to Maryland.

The actor discusses embodying the rebel poet and Baltimorean.

Actor brings his band to Strathmore, Annapolis

Agnieszka Holland, director of 'In Darkness,' finds primal emotion in an abyss – as she also did in her episodes of 'The Wire.'

Author of last year's best-selling nonfiction book will speak at CityLit Festival

The warm and fuzzy new documentary starring the Baltimore native premieres at the Charles Theatre

Tax credit to speed Senator Theatre renovations

A new book and a magic prop workshop are helping the illusionist realize his childhood dream of being a master illusionist

Much of the Baltimore-born actor and author's book 'After Annie' hits close to home

The Baltimore Book Festival casts a floodlight on forgotten corners of Baltimore history.

Racecar great Ayrton Senna gets a movie worthy of his wit, intellect and drive in the thrilling documentary 'Senna'

Despite his father's initial reservations, Murray has found success as an assistant coach with a knack for recruiting

Barry Levinson's film about a bunch of guys hanging out in 1959 Baltimore may be 30, but its star-studded cast and long-lasting influence are timeless.

With her new novel "The Most Dangerous Thing," the ace crime writer sets a nightmare in the idyllic neighborhood on the western edge of Baltimore

Baltimore notables offer their opinions of the film

Baltimore's ever-growing celebration of Japanese pop has everything from kiddie cartoons to apocalyptic fantasies

Ambitious independent filmmakers like Baltimore's Matt Porterfield find funding on the Web with Kickstarter

Another classic American film set in Baltimore will be turned into a Broadway musical. Barry Levinson has adapted "Diner," his well-regarded 1982 movie, for the stage. With music and lyrics by rock singer-songwriter Sheryl Crow, the new show is scheduled to open in New York next fall.

Howard Markel's "An Anatomy of Addiction" casts the two medical giants as intellectual trailblazers — and cokeheads

In the lucid, infuriating 'Big Uneasy,' Harry Shearer proves there was nothing "natural" about the 2005 disaster in New Orleans

3-D technology can still boost a film's fortunes, but audiences have started to balk at high ticket prices and lackluster releases

Lester Speight wields the big guns and shows off his improv-comic chops in 'Transformers 3: Dark of the Moon."

Prince George's County's Bob Moyer made sure the four-wheeled stars overflowed with heart and wit in 'Cars 2'

Maryland Film Festival hits 'The Learning' and 'Cafeteria Man' leap to AFI documentary festival

Breaking is drawing live-wire crowds to Baltimore funk parties .

Baltimore's open-air film series promise fun for all ages – and a sprinkle of midsummer's nights dreams

Playing favorites: open-air festivals honor the people's choice

Karen Rose delivers a high body count and a happy ending in her Baltimore-set thriller, 'You Belong to Me'

Richard Yeagley's "The Tradesman: Making an Art of Work" skillfully explores the art and craft of honest, blue-collar work

Nicole Ari Parker lets her hair down in '35 and Ticking'

Creativity, ingenuity and a refreshing lack of conformity shared by "Sun Shorts" contest winners

Casey Towers, who received a donor heart from a teen-age boy, becomes part of his family's inspirational story in 'The 5

Gaia uses hybrid creatures and historical figures to revitalize worn-out urban sites

Jason Winer of Pikesville -- and Russell Brand, Helen Mirren and Greta Gerwig -- team up to revamp Dudley Moore hit, "Arthur."

Three new screens would bring more punch to the Senator, according to Cusacks' new plan

Johns Hopkins Homewood campus locations were used as Harvard locations in "The Social Network."

This evocative 1949 film examines racism and mob mentality in the Jim Crow South.

"Intolerance" inspires Anne Watts to expand the sound of Boister and capture epic heartbreak and sensuality

Pratt pays tribute to late Tony Curtis with his best drama, "Sweet Smell of Success."

Paula Butturini, author of "Keeping the Feast," says that food offered relief from depression — and from writing about depression.

In the 1948 classic, which still out-classes "Black Swan," British filmmakers and Moira Shearer brought passion and genuine dance fever to 'Red Shoes.'

Rewriting the male lead for a woman — and casting Sigourney Weaver — ignited the sci-fi/horror smash "Alien," the next film in the Gunky's Basement series.

Edward Norton plays a convicted arsonist who spooks prison caseworker Robert De Niro (and the audience) in 'Stone"

Kiefaber says farewell to The Senator

Buzz and Kathleen Cusack announce plans for reopening on Oct. 15 and executing a "global renovation" in 2011