Netflix announces three new animated series, sets 'Turbo' return

Netflix and DreamWorks Animation announced the next round of original animated series from their partnership on Thursday, with three new original series and new episodes of the previously launched "Turbo FAST."

The three new series, which are expected to debut on Netflix later in 2014, are "King Julien," a solo series starring the zany lemur character from the "Madagascar" films; "Puss in Boots," starring the Antonio Banderas-voiced character from the "Shrek" films; and "Veggie Tales in the House," new Christian-themed stories from the long-running franchise.

Additionally, a new batch of episodes of "Turbo FAST," the racing snail series that launched with five episodes of its 26-episode first season on Christmas Eve. The new "Turbo FAST" episodes will debut on the streaming video service on April 4.

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The new series are part of a multi-year deal between DreamWorks Animation and Netflix announced last year, which is expected to bring more than 300 hours of new programming to the Internet service.

Earlier this month, Netflix debuted new animated episodes of "Star Wars: The Clone Wars," a Lucasfilm production that is now owned by Disney.


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