Jimmy Fallon visits 'Tonight Show' to kick off Leno's final week

One more week to go under the Jay Leno regime on "The Tonight Show" and the new guy, Jimmy Fallon, hopped a cross-country flight to pay his respects at the show's soon-to-be-former Burbank home.

Despite the apparent awkwardness of Leno — who would rather continue hosting the show if he had a say — chatting with the man who took his job, it seemed Fallon and Leno got along well enough. Though Leno couldn't help but get in a few digs at his boyish successor.

Leno started the digs early in his monologue, telling the crowd, "He isn't here to talk. He's helping me pack." Then he added, "Jimmy starts the new 'Tonight Show' on [Feb.] 17. And it would be a shame if there was some sort of accident and he was not able to fulfill his duties as host."

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While Fallon talked with Leno, the current "Tonight Show" host produced a copy of Men's Health magazine with Fallon on the cover.

"Is that a gold chain around your neck?" Leno teased. "And is it a little touched up?"

Fallon managed to laugh it off. "The whole idea about buying magazines is that you have to have goals. So maybe one day I can look like that guy. If I work out a lot and eat right."

Fallon also did one of his signature "Late Night" bits called "Thank You Notes," which he did with musical accompaniment from the "Tonight Show" house band. As a joke, Fallon asked bandleader Rickey Minor, "What are you guys up to in two weeks?"

Leno assured him, "Oh, they'll be looking for work. They're actually washing cars in my garage."

The entire staff of Leno's "Tonight Show" will be laid off when he steps down and the show migrates back to New York City.


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