'Biggest Loser's' Tanya and Marie talk makeovers, life at home

"Biggest Loser" makeovers belong to the dynamic duo of fashion expert Tim Gunn and hairstylist Ken Paves. They did not disappoint, giving the scruffy-looking finalists a new look in the mirror that matches their new look at life.

Tanya and Jennifer rolled back the odometers: Their makeovers took 10 years off -- at least. (Tanya's son joked that when he goes out with his mom now, people will think she's his date.)

Rachel and Chelsea came out from behind the baggy clothes and now look like fashionistas in the making, capable of shopping at any store they like. (Rachel walked onto the ranch at a size 20 and was twirling about in a size 6.)

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Thankfully, Ken managed to talk Marie into that bombshell haircut. (Even if she goes long or changes the color, she deserved to know she can pull off any hairstyle she likes.) And Bobby looked great in a casual look that is less lawyer and more night-out with friends.

Still, none compared to David's makeover. Not only because he looked virtually unrecognizable without the beard and looked like he shaved a good decade off his face. His was the standout makeover of the night because he looked as if he'd also shed the heartbreak and guilt of losing his first wife to cancer and moving on anew. (That there was a six-hankie makeover, am I right?)

But time in the beauty salon means time not spent working out. 

And there was a double elimination this week, with two players falling below the dreaded red line.

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Tanya and Marie lost the least and were sent home.

They spoke to the media today during a conference call and said they were caught -- in a good way -- in a particularly chaotic period of their lives. The finale is just two weeks away, so they are doing everything they can to get ready. The result, though, is that they are not quite sure what "normal" will look like when it's over.

Marie, for one, said she is looking forward to "finding out what the new Marie's life is going to be." That includes becoming an indoor cycling instructor and settling into a realistic routine for maintaining her weight loss. Then she plans to pay lots of attention to her husband and her dream of becoming a mom.

"You never know what can happen when you start spending time together," she joked. "Hopefully we'll have a baby... before we know it."

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She added: "I am so much stronger and so much tougher than I have ever given myself credit for" and said she will never allow an "I can't" attitude to hinder her again.

Meanwhile, Tanya said she is delighted to see her three children picking up mom's fitness habits, especially her 3-year-old daughter, whose early health had been compromised by Tanya's obesity.

Now, the little girl is eating vegetables and imitating mom doing situps. Tanya is also launching a catering business that is putting a healthy spin on soul food.

She said she is indebted to trainer Dolvett Quince for helping her to confront issues stemming from her abusive upbringing and feelings of unworthiness. That stunning figure in red that viewers saw last night? The "byproduct of a healed and happy woman," she said. "I'm happy and whole, that's what you're seeing."

It seems like David and Rachel will have a lock on the finale, either through their continued weight loss numbers or by winning the triathlon. (I'd put my money on Rachel winning that one.) Who do you think will be No. 3? Something tells me Bobby...


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