Ali Larter of 'Heroes' reveals 'covert' second pregnancy

Ali Larter announces upcoming arrival of baby No. 2 on 'Tonight Show'

Ali Larter has another little hero on the way.

The "Heroes" alum and her husband, Hayes MacArthur, are expecting their second child, the actress announced during a Friday appearance on "The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon."

"[Three years ago] I came on and I was pregnant and it went so well that I said to my husband, 'I'm going on Fallon. You know what that means -- gotta get pregnant!'" the 38-year-old said.

Then the actress, clad in a sparkly dress, got up to show off her growing baby bump.

Larter, who's currently starring in TNT's spy drama "Legends," didn't say how far along she was, nor did she reveal her due date when Fallon asked.

"It's so exciting," she said. "It's such a scary time and you know I've been trying to hide it as much as you can, and when you’re in the public eye it’s really scary in the beginning and so I was still shooting my spy drama ... I had to be a covert spy in my real life too, so like I'm wearing blazers and push-up bras and everything you can do to distract as the bump is like growing!

"I just keep telling [people] I've just been eating so many cheeseburgers," she quipped.

The "Kitchen Revelry" cookbook author wed MacArthur at his family's Kennebunkport, Maine, estate in 2009. The pair welcomed their first child, son Theodore, in December 2010.

She added that she "ingratiated" her firstborn to the idea of having a sibling by telling him that the baby was talking to him and that it asked if they could watch "Batman" together.

Larter teased to the announcement before her "Tonight Show" appearance, then took to social media afterward to share the news with her followers.

"Round 2! Xx," she tweeted, posting an article about baby No. 2.

On Monday, Larter shared one of her pregnancy cravings.

"Happy Monday morning! Whipped up a buttery crumb cake to satiate my craving! #whatthebabyscraving Xx," she wrote on Instagram, posting a pic of said scrumptious cake.

Cheeseburger and crumb cakes? Her pregnancy is making me hungry. Follow me on Twitter @NardineSaad.

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