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Academy Awards 2015 drinking game: All you need to get sloshed during the show

Academy Awards 2015 drinking game: All you need to get sloshed during the show
Ellen DeGeneres hands out a pizza she ordered from backstage as Jennifer Lawrence eats and Bradley Cooper looks on at the 86th Annual Academy Awards on March 2, 2014 at the Dolby Theatre at Hollywood & Highland Center in Hollywood. (Al Seib / Los Angeles Times)

What makes watching the Oscars with a bunch of your friends even more fun? A drinking game of course. Well, this is also true for most things in life. None the less, if you are planning on watching the Oscars, and you're planning on having alcohol around, we've come up with our very own Daily Dish drinking game.

So get the whiskey, vodka, gin (pick your poison) ready, and may the best man, or woman win (get chocolate wasted).


Take a tiny sip: 

When Neil Patrick Harris belts out into song or dances. We anticipate this happening many times, hence the tiny sip, and not wanting you to get sloshed during the first 15 minutes.

When someone thanks their manager.

Take one drink:

When Jennifer Hudson hits a high note you didn't even know existed.

If Lady Gaga walks on stage wearing any sort of head gear.

The moment you see Kerry Washington, aka "Scandal's" Olivia Pope step on stage, and realize she's one of the most beautiful people on the planet.

When someone wins, thanks their young children, then tells everyone they hope their kids are not watching, but if they are, to go to bed.

If someone references how old Jared Leto is, and how ridiculously good he looks.

If someone other than Jennifer Lawrence trips.

Take two drinks: 

If anyone at the show orders a pizza, eats a pizza, mentions pizza, or even if you just happen to think of pizza while the show is on. Bonus points if someone in your party actually orders one.

When the camera pans to a celebrity eating or drinking.

When the camera pans to someone crying because they didn't win.


When music from the orchestra cuts off someone's speech.

When you see two celebrities you never knew knew each other chatting like they are besties, and you're somehow super jealous, even though rational-minded you knows you shouldn't be. Celebrities like totally just know each other.

If someone makes a crack about Brian Williams.

Take a shot:

If they show the clip of Michael Keaton walking in Times Square in his underwear from "Birdman."

If anyone other than Meryl Streep wins for best actress in a supporting role and mentions being honored to just be in a category with Meryl Streep. Yes, we get that she's a living legend.

If John Travolta mispronounces anyone's name, including his own.

If Jennifer Lawrence photobombs someone, uses profanity, or falls down.

And that should make sure you're nice and liquored up throughout the show. Enjoy!

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