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25 ingenious hacks for the amateur baker

Baking is an enjoyable endeavor, but it can also get tricky, especially if you’re a novice with the oven. However, it’s not impossible to make something at home that looks and tastes like the work of a professional. Even if you’re new to baking, there’s a lot you can do to up your game in the kitchen. While the best bakers know how to get creative, it’s still important that you pay careful attention to the basics. Just the slightest change in how you handle your ingredients or tools can affect how well your baked goods turn out — or even ruin them. But success is within your reach if you master some simple techniques. Instead of stressing over your next attempt at dessert, make things easier for yourself with these ingenious hacks for the amateur baker.

Syjil Ashraf, The Daily Meal
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