Guy Fieri's flame shirt inspired designer menswear, according to Vogue

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Vogue news writer Liana Satenstein says flame shirts are a "special brand of sleaze," and that they're the "least sexy clothes in existence." Her colleague, senior market editor Kirby Marzec parallels them to "that weird heavy-metal-meets-grunge-mall-rat guy with the awful pointy beard, gelled spiky hair, and is totally drinking a Monster Energy drink."

The most iconic of flame-shirt-wearers, though, is Guy Fieri. And apparently the fiery bowling tee the celebrity chef and television personality has always been ridiculed for is currently on trend for 2018. During several runway events showcasing fall menswear, many models sported flame prints on everything from jewelry to jeans. Prominent designers whose attire was set ablaze included Prada, Dior Homme , and SSS World Corp.

But this isn't the first time someone's immortalized Fieri in a piece of clothing. In the summer of 2017, beachgoers could buy a one-piece bathing suit with his actual face on it for $49.95, complete with enflamed sunglasses.

But don't buy a one way ticket to Flavortown just yet. Vogue living editor Ella Riley-Adams says, "If you have to communicate how hot you are by wearing clothes painted with literal flames, you're not."

We still love you, Guy. For more on the Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives host, check out these 15 things you didn't know about Guy Fieri.

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