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Wine Enthusiast gives a nod to Maryland's growing wine industry

Wine Enthusiast magazine tipped its hat to Maryland’s growing wine industry with a recent article about the state’s “wine renaissance.”

The piece, “Maryland’s Wine Regions on the Rise” by Dave McIntyre, notes the growth of wineries in Maryland and lays out the driving forces behind the boom, including the expansion of estate wineries, as well as local vintners’ experimentation with unique varietals and styles of wine that are novel in the region.

According to the article, which appeared in Wine Enthusiast’s May issue, Maryland had 85 wineries at the start of 2017 — up from 12 at the start of the century. The state currently has 900 acres of vineyards, McIntyre reported.

McIntyre focused on the two regions where wineries are flourishing: Central Maryland and the area surrounding the Chesapeake Bay. He highlighted both younger players and stalwarts in Maryland wine, including Fiore Winery, Old Westminster Winery, Boordy Vineyards and Big Cork Vineyards.

He also pointed to experimentation within the industry, such as Old Westminster’s release of petillant-naturel wines last year, and yet-to-be-named white blends Big Cork is producing.

“Not all of Maryland is created equal, but there are places where truly remarkable wine can be made,” Drew Baker, a partner in Old Westminster Winery, told the magazine.


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