O'Flynn's Crab & Cask House will be the next in a string of Baltimore Irish pubs to close

O’Flynn’s Crab & Cask House will serve its last eats and drinks later this month.

The Brooklyn bar and restaurant will close at the end of April, owner Liam Flynn said.

O’Flynn’s opened at 3432 S. Hanover St. in May 2016, replacing the longtime Brooklyn staple O’Brady’s Crab House.

Flynn said business was tough at the tavern — “the first year was just terrible” — but it started to turn around during the last six months. Ultimately it wasn’t enough to offset the cost of rent, Flynn said.

“We’re closing because we really just couldn’t generate enough rent for what the landlord was asking,” Flynn said.

Situated south of the Hanover Street Bridge, O’Flynn’s struggled to draw customers from the rest of the city.

“We’ve always been what we joked about as a bridge too far for anybody in the city,” Flynn said.

O’Flynn’s is the latest in a string of Irish Pubs to close in Baltimore, following the departures of Ryan’s Daughter Irish Pub & Restaurant in Belvedere Square and Life of Reilly Irish Pub & Restaurant in Butchers Hill.

Flynn also previously owned Liam Flynn’s Ale House in Station North, where he staved off eviction in 2016 by raising $30,000 owed to his landlords. The bar closed last year.

Seeing mounting closures of Irish pubs has been disheartening, Flynn said.

“Now Irish pubs are really getting relegated into being the corporate novelty restaurants or chains,” Flynn said. “There’s no authenticity anymore.”

It’s unclear what’s next for Flynn. He said he may pursue a smaller version of the crab and cask house in Old Goucher, but is still seeking investors for that project.




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